(Eumir) Deodato – Love Island (1978)

FrontCover1.jpg1978’s Love Island found Deodato in pretty much the same space he’d been for much of the decade, concocting his own ineffable brew of fusion and funky disco, with the help of friends and cover songs along the way. Love Island finds him unleashing yet another passel of songs which are all pleasant to the ear, if not completely fresh — what makes it most interesting is that it could almost be considered a concept album, every song title apparently revolving around jungle tropics, warm winds, sandy beaches, and, more likely than not, a few beauties bearing cocktails to complete the picture. The album kicks off with “Area Code 808,” which places the initial action in Hawaii, a twitchy extended fusion revolving around quite a nice funk bassline. The remainder of the set carries on from there, with the groove ebbing and flowing from the punchy “Whistle Bump” to the pleasant and decidedly mellow strains of “San Juan Hut,” and on to the title track.


It is unfortunate hindsight alone, and no fault whatsoever of Deodato’s, that it conjures up nothing so much as scenes from The Love Boat. Damn pop culture. Also of note is “Tahiti Hut,” co-written by Deodato and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White, and buoyed by guest appearances by three more EW&F members: Verdine White, Freddie White, and the percussive genius of Philip Bailey. A pleasing piece of easy listening, Love Island probably won’t thrill the pants off anyone but the most rabid fan. By this late in the decade, one had kind of heard it all before. But if you should need to hear it all again, Love Island sounds great when the sun is shining. (Amy Hanson)


Ray Armando (percussion)
Larry Carlton (guitar)
Joe Correro (drums)
Eumir Deodato (keyboards, percussion, whistle, synthesizer, vocals)
Jimmy Maelen (percussion)
Pops Popwell (bass)
Philip Bailey (percussin on 03.)
George Benson (guitar on 05.)
Charlie Conrad (percussion on 01.)
Gordon Edwards (bass on 06.)
Victor Feldman (percussion on 05. + 07.)
Ray Gomez (guitar on 01.)
Rick Marotta (drums on 06.)
Harvey Mason (dums on 01. + 07.)
Al McKay (guitar on  0 + 08.)
Erica Norimar (vocals on 05.)
George Parrish, Jr. (guitar on 01.)
Tony Price (tuba)
John Tropea (guitar on 06., 07, + 08.)
Freddie White (drums on 03.)
Verdine White (bass on 03.)
Jerry Dodgion – Joel Kaye – Romeo Penque – Wally Kane
french horn:
Brooks Tillotson – Jimmy Buffington
Gerry Chamberlain – Sam Burtis – Wayne Andre
John Gatchell, Randy Brecker, Bob Millikan
Charles Lisbove – Charles McCracken
violin + cello:
Charles Lisbove, Charles McCracken, Irving Spice, Jesse Levy, Kermit Moore, Max Pollikoff, Michael Comins, Michael Spivakowsky, Paul Winter, Richard Sortomme, Sandra Billingslea, Selwart Clarke, Stanley Pollock, Tony Posk


01. Area Code 808 (Deodato/Parrish, Jr.) 5.46
02. Whistle Bump (Deodato) 4.33
03. Tahiti Hut (Deodato/White) 4.28
04. San Juan Sunset (Deodato) 4.16
05. Love Island (Deodato) 6.41
06. Chariot Of The Gods (Starr/Mancha) 3.09
07. Piña Colada (Deodato) 5.56
08. Take The A Train (Strayhorn) 3.49




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