Larry Coryell & Michal Urbaniak – A Quiet Day In Spring (1985)

FrontCover1Although originally associated with fusion and then acoustic explorations, Larry Coryell has often shown that he can play practically any style. This little-known set finds him jamming with violinist Michal Urbaniak and bassist Jesper Lundgaard in a trio.

Although the music is generally straight-ahead, all seven of the selections were composed by either Coryell or Urbaniak, and the music is never all that predictable. Worth exploring.(Scott Yanow)

This is Larry in full acoustic flow in 1983 with Jesper Lundgaard on bass and Michael Urbaniak on Violin. Lots of fine 12 string playing here ,which sounds like nothing else in his repertoire, both behind the violin and in the soloing. Urbaniak is clearly influenced by violonist, Stuff Smith, who gets a name check on Stuff’s Stuff.

It’s a difficult style of violin playing to jump into but take your time and it all hangs together to create a fabulous album. (A. Garside)


Larry Coryell (guitar)
Jesper Lundgaard (bass)
Michal Urbaniak (violin)


01. Rue Gregoire Du Tour (Coryell) 7.34
02. Waltz No. 6 (Coryell) 4.55
03. Polish Reggae (Urbaniak) 6.34
04. A Quiet Day In Spring (Coryell) 6.43
05. Waltz No. 12 (Coryell) 9.28
06. Stuff’s Stuff (Urbaniak) 5.36
07. Miss Julie (Coryell) 10.19



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