Roxy Music – Viva (1976)

FrontCover1Viva! Roxy Music was the first live Roxy Music album. It was released in August 1976 and was recorded at three venues in the United Kingdom between 1973 and 1975. The recordings were from the band’s shows at the Glasgow Apollo in November 1973, Newcastle City Hall in October 1974 and the Wembley Empire Pool in October 1975. (by wikipedia)

As Roxy Music took an extended hiatus, the live album Viva! was released. Comprised of material recorded on tours from 1973, 1974, and 1975, Viva! is a tough, powerful document of Roxy at the peak of their live powers, featuring a fine cross-section of their best work. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

The biggest flaw with this album is that it isn’t longer. I’d love to hear more music from this great live unit. The song selection leans heavily on the first two Roxy albums, when Eno was part of the band.

Roxy Music

Those numbers, here played live by the Eddie Jobson version of Roxy (Jobson was Eno’s replacement), are effectively reworked versions and are great. Not necessarily better, though Do The Strand and Pyjamarama are way more energetic then the originals, just different and very well done. For me, a highlight is the expanded If There Is Something, with its beautiful instrumental passages and powerful drumming. Great music and a great complement to the studio albums. (by Jonathan Krall)

This is Roxy Music after developing a reportoire of numbers. This formation would basically set the formula of Roxy Musics live performance. This is not the big Concert Bowl perfomance but the intimate concert hall performance that Roxy satisfied itself with and probably more that any other group featured more the skills of the musicians and at the same time keep itself in contact with the audience. (by TDN)


Bryan Ferry (vocals, keyboards)
Eddie Jobson (violin, synthesizer, keyboards)
Andy Mackay (saxophone, oboe)
Phil Manzanera (guitar)
Paul Thompson (drums)
John Wetton (bass)
John Gustafson (bass on 05.)
Sal Maida – bass on 02. + 04.)
The Sirens (Doreen Chanter and Jacqui Sullivan) (background vocals on 05.)


01. Out Of The Blue 4.45
02. Pyjamarama 3.37
03. The Bogus Man 7.06
04. Chance Meeting 2.58
05. Both Ends Burning 4.47
06. If There Is Something 10.39
07. In Every Dream Home A Heartache 8.22
08. Do The Strand 4.01

All songs written by Bryan Ferry.
except 01., which was written by Bryan Ferry andPhil Manzanera






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