Jose Feliciano – And The Feeling’s Good (1974)

FrontCover1José Monserrate Feliciano García (born September 10, 1945), better known simply as José Feliciano [xoˈse feliˈsjano], is a Purto Rican-American musician, singer and composer, best known for many international hits, including his rendition of The Doors’ “Light My Fire” and the best-selling Christmas single, “Feliz Navidad”. His music is known for its fusion of styles: Latin, jazz, blues, soul and even rock, created primarily with his unique, signature acoustic guitar sound. His oftentimes mellow easy listening influences are easily recognizable in many songs heard around the world.

In the United States, he first received widespread popularity in the 1960s, particularly after his 1968 album Feliciano! reached number two on the music charts. Thus far, he has released over fifty albums, worldwide, in both English and Spanish. (by wikipedia)

This nice album from 1974 contains Feliciano’s last Top-100 hit to appear on thye US Charts: “Chico and the man”. This song was used as the soundtrack for the TV series by the same name and reached widespread popularity, eventually being performed by such artists as Sammy Davis Jr. The album especially contains a wonderful rendition of “Golden Lady”, a Stevie Wonder song and, in my opinion, one of the best things ever recorded by Jose’ Feliciano, a soul samba cover totally reinvented “a-la-only-jose-can-do”
Nice set also for “Essence of your love”, “Stay with me” and “Virgo”. This last piece is noteworthy for being one of the few instrumental pieces recorded by Jose’ on electric guitar in a “Hendrix way” (by Markjm)


Duke Bardwell (bass)
Janna Merlyn Feliciano (handclaps, vocals)
José Feliciano (guitar, vocals, mellotron)


01. Hard Times in El Barrio (José Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 3.01
02. I’ve Got to Convince Myself (Toussaint) 2.44
03. You’re No Good (Ballard) 3.09
04. Differently (Graham) 4.18
05. Virgo (José Feliciano) 3.13
06. Golden Lady  (Wonder) 4.18
07. Stay With Me (José Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 2.44
08. Chico And The Man (José Feliciano) 2:55
09. And the Feeling’s Good (Fox/Gimbel) 3.17
10. Essence Of Your Love (José Feliciano) 3.21



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