Russ Ballard – The Fire Still Burns (1985)

FrontCover1Russell Glyn Ballard (born 31 October 1945) is an English singer, songwriter and musician.

Originally coming to prominence as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Argent, Ballard became known by the late 1970s as a songwriter and producer. His compositions “New York Groove”, “You Can Do Magic”, “Since You Been Gone”, “Liar”, “Winning”, “I Know There’s Something Going On”, “So You Win Again” and “God Gave Rock and Roll to You” were hits for other artists during the 1970s and 1980s. He also scored several minor hits under his own name in the early and mid-1980s. (wikipedia)

And here´s his 5th solo album:

This man literally has written hundreds of great single hits for other people, but never really succeeded as a solo artist, although he is a more than decent singer and instrumentalist.

The Fire Still Burns brought him close to the breakthrough in 1985. It is a typical AOR rock record with some very nice songs; for example “Hey Bernadette” and the title track, which both sound so similar, that it is almost the same, whether Russ sings “Hey Bernadette …” or “The fire still burns …”. (by Communique)


In my book, making a rock album that stands out from the pack is quite an accomplishment, and here Ballard at least partially succeeds. At their best, his songs offer a new take on old subjects, as when he somehow combines the supernatural and heartbreak in one song. At their worst, they are at least polished, with the kind of upbeat, lightly-driving feel that Tony Carey’s music of this period shares. (by szarka Mar )

This album didn’t turn me into a Russ Ballard fanatic; but at least it wasn’t a waste of money.
Fine follow up to the previous album. Same style, same standard. Quite why EMI America never released a UK single to take advantage of the interest achieved with “Voices” I’ll never know. “Searching” would have been a natural follow-up, being in the same vein. Also “Your Time Is Gonna Come” had considerable commercial potential. (by UKDave)


Russ Ballard (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, electronic drums)
Mo Foster (bass)
Stuart Elliott (drums)
Peter Van Hooke (electronic drums)
Mike Richardson (drums)


01. Once A Rebel 5.33
02. The Omen 4.30
03. Hey Bernadette 5.48
04. Searching 6.10
05. Time 1.53
06. Your Time Is Gonna Come 4.39
07. Dream On 5.02
08. The Fire Still Burns 5.37

All songs written by Russ Ballard




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