The Rolling Stones – 12 x 5 (Remastered Edition) (1964)

LPFrontCover112 × 5 is the second American studio album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released in 1964 following the success of their American debut The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hit Makers), which was released concurrently with their UK debut The Rolling Stones. 12 × 5 is an expanded version of the EP Five by Five, which had followed their debut album in the UK.

The five songs on the British EP were fleshed out with seven additional tracks to bring the work to LP length. Among the additional tracks were the UK single-only release “It’s All Over Now”, a cover of a Bobby Womack song that was the group’s first UK #1 hit, an alternative version of “Time Is on My Side”, which appears in a more familiar form on other albums, and three Jagger/Richards originals.

The album, like its predecessor, largely features R&B covers. However, it also contains three compositions by the developing Mick Jagger/Keith Richards songwriting team, as well as two group compositions under the pseudonym “Nanker Phelge”. 12 × 5 is notable for featuring the first, and less often heard, of the Stones’ two versions of Jerry Ragovoy’s “Time Is on My Side”, with a prominent electronic organ instead of the better-known version’s electric guitar.

The Rolling Stones01

“I loved everything about this album as a kid,” recalled Joe Satriani. “It was those second-generation electric blues players that I loved, but I had no idea where they got that music from. It took my teenage years to discover that.”

After sessions in Chicago in June 1964, the Stones’ UK label Decca Records released the five-song EP Five by Five. Because EPs were never a lucrative format in the US, London Records – their American distributor at the time – spread its songs across an album, adding seven new recordings to create a release of 12 songs by five musicians, hence the album’s title. The rest of the songs were singles “It’s All Over Now” and “Time Is on My Side” with their B-sides, plus three that were later included on The Rolling Stones No. 2. Decca would use the same cover (minus the lettering) for the band’s second UK album, The Rolling Stones No. 2, in early 1965. (wikipedia)


In August 2002, 12 × 5 was reissued in a new remastered CD and SACD digipak by ABKCO Records. This edition includes stereo versions of “Around and Around”, “Confessin’ the Blues”, “Empty Heart”, “It’s All Over Now”, an extended version of “2120 South Michigan Avenue”, and “If You Need Me”. (wikipedia)

The evolution from blues to rock accelerated with the Rolling Stones’ second American LP. They turned soul into guitar rock for the hits “It’s All Over Now” and “Time Is on My Side” (the latter of which was their first American Top Ten single). “2120 South Michigan Avenue” is a great instrumental blues-rock jam; “Around and Around” is one of their best Chuck Berry covers; and “If You Need Me” reflects an increasing contemporary soul influence. On the other hand, the group originals (except for the propulsive “Empty Heart”) are weak and derivative, indicating that the band still had a way to go before it could truly challenge the Beatles’ throne. (by Richie Unterberger)


An American-only release at the time, consisting of a few tracks from the forthcoming UK “Rolling Stones No. 2” album, the UK 5X5 EP, and a few singles. Given the scattershot nature of the album, gathered from so many sources, it’s a surprisingly cohesive collection. Mainly, it’s a continuation of the first album; a collection of blues covers with some originals thrown in. The material here is slightly stronger than the first album; containing “Time is On My Side” which started their rise to prominence in the US (although the version on the original LP has the organ intro instead of the more familiar guitar intro). It also contains the highly energetic “It’s All Over Now”, with the enigmatic “Playing her high-class game” line that sounds like something else I probably can’t repeat here. Two of the originals, “Empty Heart” and “2120 South Michigan Avenue”, work more as grooves rather than songs, but they seem to foreshadow a sort of proto-funk by a few years.(by Russell Newton)


Mick Jagger (vocals, harmonica, percussion)
Keith Richards (guitar, background vocals)
Brian Jones (guitar, slide-guitar, harmonica, percussion, organ on 11., background vocals)
Charlie Watts (drums)
Bill Wyman (bass guitar, background vocals, percussion)
Ian Stewart (keyboards)

A real rarity … :

01. Around And Around (Berry) 3.04
02. Confessin’ The Blues (McShann/Brown 2.49
03. Empty Heart (Nanker/Phelge) (*) 2:35
04. Time Is On My Side (Norman/Meade) (*) 2.55
05. Good Times, Bad Times (Jagger/Richards) 2.32
06. It’s All Over Now (B.Womack/S.Womack) 3.28
07. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Nanker/Phelge) 3.40
08. Under The Boardwalk (Resnick/Young) 2.48
09. Congratulations (Jagger/Richards) 2.30
4. “Grown Up Wrong” Mick Jagger, Keith Richards 2:04
5. “If You Need Me*” (originally released on the Five by Five EP) Robert Bateman, Wilson Pickett 2:03
6. “Susie Q” Eleanor Broadwater, Stan Lewis, Dale Hawkins 1:51
Total length: 13:17

(*) = Jagger/Richards



Well done, my friend
You’ve done it again
You’ve gone and broken another heart
Yeah, you’ve torn it apart
You’ve done it before
Hope to do it some more
You’ve got it down to a fine art
Remember the first time
You tried to do it to me
My girl won’t fall
Just wait and see
Just wait and see
You’ve gone and broken another heart
Yeah, you’ve torn it apart

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