Marius Ziska – Recreation (2013)

FrontCover1The music of Marius can best be described as singer/songwriter, although many different styles make their way into the mix.
Marius started his musical career, age 16, with rockband Flux, participating in the Faroese talent show Prix Føroyar. This led to much acclaim nationally, and the band performed regularly on the Faroese scene, also releasing an EP (2001). After this Marius went solo, still keeping rock music as the main genre, releasing debut album “The Sky Is Our Home” (2005), which both by audiences and critics was considered amongst the best Faroese releases of that year.
Marius has ventured into different parts of the rock genre, but with his new setup he relies on a more acoustic and intimate approach. The concept of experimenting with different combinations of acoustic instruments, gives Marius an exiting platform, where his songwriting truly flourishes, also bringing new nuances to his vocals. (Press release)


One might think that Faroes don’t have much, but in fact they have everything. Eighteen islands somewhere in the North Atlantic, the home of only 48.000 people with their own language and their own culture since the Vikings arrived there about 1200 years ago. But it surely were not the kind of Vikings that are known from myths. These Vikins must have been magicians, or musicians.

MARIUS ZISKA is one of the few people on the Faroe Islands. The singer songwriter’s debut full-length album, Recreation, proves that this man is exceptional. Or that the place he comes from is magical. Maybe Recreation even proves both. The last years saw tons of releases by singer songwriters who mostly seem like the caricature of theirselves. Luckily MARIUS ZISKA isn’t just another guy who plays the guitar bored and sings to it. MARIUS ZISKA is the frontman of a quartet that breathes life into his compositions. From folk to rock, from sadness to joy, MARIUS ZISKA knows no borders and he isn’t afraid of anything.


NOTHINGB BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to give you the possibility to listen to Recreation for seven days. Are you ready for huuge contemporary pop cultural music? You should be, because MARIUS ZISKA will get you when he sings it’s a nice cry for. It’s a nice to die for.. Enjoy. This is magic, seriously. (by Robert Helbig)

Are you looking for a great new American indie-folk singer? Look no further than… Faroe Islands native Marius Ziska. Following on the heels of Britons Mumford & Sons, whose songs have reinvented banjo-driven Americana, Ziska is making great American music – far from American shores.


His new album Recreation, not yet released Stateside, is quite catchy, a perfect balm for whatever may ail you. It opens with a track featuring the best whistle hook since Peter, Bjorn and John, the straight ahead pop number “Nice Day.” Carrying on, the album carries tracks in shades of everything from Simon & Garfunkel (to wit, “Restless Mind”), to vaguely Beatles-esque (for some reason the clapping on “Into the Silence” brought to mind “Ob-La-Di,Ob-La-Da”), to David Gray (see “While You Were Dreaming”). Ziska’s voice is beautiful, his singing (in accented English) solid alone and at times complemented marvelously by other voices, as on the haunting “The Middle Way.” The instrumentation on the album ranges from lightweight guitar to fun (see the honky-tonk sounds on “One in the Masses” for an example). Production is a bit rough, but the quality of the music shakes that off. (by Gabriel Scheer)


Heðin Ziska Davidsen (guitar, vocals)
Brandur Jacobsen (drums,vocals)
Allan Tausen (guitar, vocals)
Jens L. Thomsen (bass, synthsizer)
Marius Ziska (vocals, guitar)
Jana Hjalgrímsdóttir (vocals)
Magnus Johannesen (piano, harpsichord)
Ólavur Olsen (trumpet)
Atli Petersen (trombone, tuba)


01. Nice Day (Ziska) 4.06
02. Into The Silence (Ziska/Olsen) 3.26
03. Restless Mind (Ziska/Kollslio) 3.00
04. One In The Masses (Ziska/Kollslio) 3.30
05.The Middle Way (Ziska/Kollslio) 3.44
06.  Love (Ziska) 3.17
07. While You Were Dreaming (Ziska) 3.36
08. Walk The Road (Ziska) 3.27
09. Sound Of You (Ziska/Tausen) 5.52





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