Meal Ticket – Take Away (1978)

FrontCover1Meal Ticket were a country rock band who emerged from the London pub circuit during the 1970s and signed to Logo Records. They had several line ups which included Ray Flacke, Jack Brand, Andy Coulter, Rod Demick, Chris Hunt, Keith Nelson,Steve Simpson, Willy Finlayson and Rick Jones. Canadian born Jones who was known for his television appearances on Play School and Fingerbobs, wrote many of their songs. The band performed the theme to the BBC’s Play For Today, The Flipside of Dominick Hide (1980), also Another Flip for Dominick which was entitled “You’d Better Believe It Babe”. They released three albums, Code Of The Road (1977), Three Times A Day (1977) and Take Away (1978). (wikipedia)


This is their third and last album … and it´s a real forgotten treasure of this Pub-Rock era .. a great mix of different styles lie Country, R & B and many more. The ballad “Lucy” ist one of the finest moments on this album and we weill hear a great cover version of “The Shape I’m In” from The Band.

Meal Ticket01

Often referred to as the UK’s answer to The Band or The Eagles, Meal Ticket were a formidable force on the booming Pub Rock circuit of the mid 70’s. … listen to this album and you´ll know why.

And the two bonus tracks were taken from the rare EP “Simple” (1978)


Alan Coulter (drums)
Rod Demick (bass)
Willy Finlayson (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Richard Jones (keyboards, vocals)
Keith Nelson (banjo)
Steve Simpson (guitar, violin, vocals)


01. Why In The World (Pierce/Jones/Hammond) 3.21
02. Down On My Knees (Heron) 4.09
03. Lucy (Pierce/Jones) 4.29
04. Lonestar Motel (Pierce/Jones/Hammond/Finlayson) 3.32
05. The Shape I’m In (Robertson) 4.06
06. Blame (Pierce/Jones) 2.46
07. Simple (Pierce/Jones) 3.05
08. Bonnie Lee’s Dinette (Pierce/Jones/Hammond) 3.33
09. At The Funny Farm (Pierce/Jones) 2.51
10. Get On Board (Richardson) 3.19
11. Son Of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (live) (Pierce/Jones) 4.34
12. Boogie Queen (live) (Richardson) 4.28



Meal Ticket02

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