Fausto Papetti – I Remember… Nr. 1 (1971)

FrontCover1Fausto Papetti (Viggiù, 28 January 1923 – San Remo, 15 June 1999) was an Italian alto saxophone player. A jazz musician by formation, Papetti became widely known for producing instrumental covers of some of the most famous pop & jazz songs.

Papetti reached the height of his popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. His albums were particularly successful in the European and Latin American markets. During the 1970s, Papetti’s first greatest hits album, published in 1975, is to these days his best-selling album. His performance of the song “Love’s Theme” (originally by Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra) was featured on the breakbeat compilation “Ultimate Breaks and Beats”. His influence on saxophone music was substantial and in the 1970s many imitators appeared, like Johnny Sax and Piergiorgio Farina.

Papetti’s records are also characterized for their sexy covers, often featuring scantily clad women. He occasionally recorded under the pseudonym Fausto Danieli. (wikipedia)


And here´s a pretty good compolation album from 1971 with his smooth Jazz sound, call it Eady Listening, call it Jazz, it´s a wonderfuil music to dream … catch your dreams begfore they slipped away … you know what I mean.

Enjoy it !


Fausto Papetti (saxopjhone)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians

Alternate frontcovers:

01. Temptation (Freed/Brown) 2.07
02. Tabu (Lecuona) 2.50
03. Amado Mio (Roberts/Fisher) 2.37
04. Indian Love Call (Hammerstein/Harbach/Friml) 2.49
05. September In The Rain (Dubin/Warren) 3.09
06. Star Dust (Carmichael) 3.03
07. Together (De Sylva/Brown/Henderson) 2.43
08. Intermezzo (Provost/Henning) 2.29
09. Memory Lane (Conrad/Spier) 2.50
10. Perfidia (Dominguez) 2.24
11. Caravan (Ellington/Tizol) 2.13
12. Flamingo (Anderson/Grouya) 2.54
13. Jungle Drums (Lecuona) 3.12
14. Pagan Love Song () 2.25




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