The Zoots – Live At The Banana Peel (Special Guest Louisiana Red) (1984)

FrontCover1Unfortunately I don´t know very much about “The Zoots”. But I know, that they were a pretty good Blues Band from Belgium.

This is their first album, two years before they released a single called “I´m Ready” / “How Long”.

As I wrote a pretty good live performance of classic Blues compositions in the Chicago Blues style. And on the last number they were joined by the Blues legend Louisiana Red.

And: This album includes a real rare Muddy Waters composition (“The Spark In Your Eyes”) (Morganfield)

In the same year they released another (studio) album, called “Bad Days Are Gone” (featuring Bob Hall)

I guess they disbanded in the Eighties … what a shame ”

So enjoy this rarity of Belgium blues !

Recorded live on 6th & 7th of April 1984 at the Banana Peel Jazz-Club, Ruisilede, Belgium


René van Aerschot (drums)
Ludo Beckers (harmonica)
Denis Helewaert (guitar)
Luk Hostens (guitar)
Gerard Rijlant (vocals)
Roberto Simoni (bass)
Louisiana Red (guitar, vocals on 10.)

01. Sloppy Drunk (Rogers) 3.44
02. Talk To Me Baby (James) 4.22
03. The Spark In Your Eyes (Morganfield)
04. I Smell A Rat (McCall) 6.04
05. Honey Hush (Collins)
06. One Day (Bell) 2.37
07. Willy And The Handjive (Otis) 2.57
08. It’s Too Late Brother (Duncan) 2.41
09. Reconsider (Baby) (Fulson) 5.57
10. Anna Lee (Nighthawk) 5.44



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