Moustaki & Flairck – Same (1982)

FrontCover1And here´s a great colobaration between two styles of music:

Georges Moustaki (born Giuseppe Mustacchi; 3 May 1934 – 23 May 2013) was an Egyptian-French singer-songwriter of Jewish Italo-Greek origin, best known for the poetic rhythm and simplicity of the romantic songs he composed and often sang. Moustaki gave France some of its best-loved music by writing about 300 songs for some of the most popular singers in that country, such as Édith Piaf, Dalida, Françoise Hardy, Yves Montand, Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Herbert Pagani, France Gall, Cindy Daniel, Juliette Gréco, Pia Colombo, and Tino Rossi, as well as for himself.


Flairck is a Dutch musical ensemble formed in 1978 around guitar virtuoso Erik Visser. The group has varying members dependent on the project. Their musical style is a blend of folk music, jazz and classical chamber music, with touches of blues. The music written by the members of the ensemble is often centred on an album theme and is played with a wide variety of acoustic instruments.

The name of the band is an original composition, derived from the French word ‘flair’ and the Dutch word ‘vlerk’, which means ‘a nimble fingered hand’ or ‘wing’, but also ‘rowdy young man’. (wikipedia)


On this album eight French songs, sung by George Moustaki, are interwoven with instrumental parts. For this reason these songs have an unususal construction. With the cooperation of Martha Contreras (vocals and percussion), the Amsterdam street-organ “De Arabier” and accordionist Joey Rossi.

This album is a cooperation between Georges Moustaki and Flairck……..

Well, that’s in the album title. What’s not in the album title is the music itself unless you know who Georges Moustaki is. I did not, but now I know this is a singer who sings sweet laden ballads in French. Flairck acts as his back up band here and is occasionally let loose with some tasty melody lines.


Flairck on their own is excellent. Georges Moustaki is not. This most of all reminds me about the pretty ghastly Futuro Antico series released by Angelo Branduardi. Hence vocals on the top of some classical acoustic instruments.

Despite of that, this album is pretty good. The reason is Flairck and their performance here which is jaw dropping excellent. Their use of Middle East rhythm patterns and melody lines is great. In this setting, Georges Moustaki’s own contributions works fine. Some of this album does not work at all though. But this is still a good album nevertheless. (by toroddfuglesteg)

It´s more than a good album … listen and enjoy the unique magic !


Georges Moustaki (vocals, accordion)
Sylvia Houtzager (violin, viola, harp, panpipes, vocals)
Ted De Jong (tablas, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, snare, sitar, vocals)
Annet Visser (flute, panpipe, bagpipe, accordion, vocals)
Erik Visser (guitar, bouzouki, panpipe, vocals)
Hans Visser (bass, guitar, panpipe, vocals)
Marta Contreras (vocals, percussion)
Anita Riezouw / spinet on 03.)
Joey Rossi (accordion on 01., 05. + 06.)
“De Arabier” / Amsterdam street-organ (on 01.)


01. Chansons (Moustaki) 3.34
02. La route (Moustaki /E.Visser) 8.33
03. Ma nouvelle aventure (Moustaki /H.Visser) 6.03
04. Blessure (Moustaki /E.Visser) 7.01
05. Les musiciens (Moustaki) 5.32
06. L’amour en passant (Moustaki /H.Visser) 7.45
07. Pecheur (Moustaki/el Atrach /E.Visser) + Matin (Moustaki /E.Visser) 10.35




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