The Saddletramps – Well Gone Bad (1993 – 1997)

FrontCover1The Saddletramps were an alternative country band from Toronto, Ontario in the 1980s and 1990s. Core members of the band included Ken Horne, Andrew Lindsay, John DeHaas and Brian Duguay.

In the early 1980s several Fanshawe College students from the Greater Toronto Area who shared a rented house in London, Ontario got together to form the band Tin Mitten. Their first gig was opening for another established local band, The Waiting. Friends of the band members chanted “No Waiting, Mitten Now” and pelted the band with mittens. The band was soon renamed The Saddletramps, and performed in various Toronto venues.

Lindsay met seventeen-year-old Sarah Harmer while working at Sunrise Records in Burlington, and she joined the band, later commuting to Toronto to perform on weekends while attending Queen’s University.

In 1989 the Saddletramps released their first album, The Saddle Tramps, on cassette tape, with Dehaas on bass, Duguay on lead guitar and vocals, Harmer on vocals, Horne on percussion, Lindsay on vocals and guitar. Mike Northcott also contributed some instrumental work. The album was recorded at Grant Ave and Axon Studios, and all but one of the songs were written by the band members.


In 1990 the band released a second cassette album, Yardsale. Harmer left to concentrate on her studies; she later fronted her own band, Weeping Tile.

The Saddletramps disbanded in 1995.

In 1999, Harmer began a solo career; her solo album You Were Here included a new recording of “Don’t Get Your Back Up”, which she had originally recorded with The Saddletramps on Yardsale. Lindsay, Duguay, and Dehaas formed a new band called Loomer along with Michael Taylor, Iain Thomson, and Scott Loomer. The band released an album, Love Is A Dull Instrument in 2004. In 2006, Harmer sang “Only Lovers” on the band’s second album, Songs of the Wild West Island. (wikipedia)


And here´s their last album.

The four members of The Saddletramps met in 1985 when they were in the music industry arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ont. and they´ve been regulars on the Toronto and southern Ontario club scenes since then. On “Well Gone Bad” the band utilizes the talents of Ken Greer as both a producer and pedal steel player, which adds some country touches to the roots rock and pop sound. Greer´s influence ist most noticeable on “Bound By Love” and “One Hand”., Paul MacLeo guests on mandolin on the Rocking “Sugarcoated”. The “Softest Hands” is another top track” (SM; RPM- September 18, 1993)


My German edition was released in 1997 …  two years the band unfortunately disband.

Imagine: Driving a long dirty und dusty road … and you listen to this album … Close your eyes …. and imagine.

If you like bands like LOng Ryder than is this album a must.

Enjoy the music of a long forgotten band.


Brian Duguay (guitar, vocals)
John B. de Haas (bass)
Ken Horne (drums, percussion)
Andy Lindsay (guitar, vocals)
Ken Greer (organ, pedal steel-guitar, guitar)
Dave Love (background vocals on 04..+ 10.)
Paul MacLeod (mandolin on 03.) (Titel: 3)

01. One Hand 3.28
02.  Big Sky 4.33
03. Sugarcoated 3.44
04. Defending Me 4.41
05. Boat Song 4.49
06. Divine Intravenous 4.52
07. Think It Over 3.35
08. The Softest Hands 4.00
09. Breathe 2.31
10. Bound By Love 4.10

Music: Brian Duguay – John B. de Haas – Ken Horne – Andy Lindsay
Lyrics: Andy Lindsay




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