Manfred Mann´s Earth Band – Watch (1978)

FrontCover1Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is an English rock band formed by South African musician Manfred Mann. Their hits include covers of Bruce Springsteen’s “For You”, “Blinded by the Light” and “Spirit in the Night”. After forming in 1971 and with a short hiatus in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the Earth Band continues to perform and tour.

Watch is the eighth album by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, a studio album with two live tracks released in 1978. It is the first album recorded with new bassist Pat King, and the final album for both guitarist Dave Flett and original drummer Chris Slade. In West-Germany, it stayed 69 weeks in the charts (# 3 highest position), receiving platinum status in 1981.(wikipedia)

Manfred Mann01

With essentially the same crew as the excellent Roaring Silence from two years earlier, this is cut from the same musical cloth. However, without the two Bruce Springsteen songs from the earlier album, the material is not as strong. With keyboardist Manfred Mann’s jazz leanings melded to a rock band, this sounds much like Colosseum without horns. (by Mark Allen)

This is the quintessential release of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Their unique blend of pop rock and art rock lifts excellent songs like Mighty Quinn, California, and Davy’s on the Road Again to a new level. If you are going to buy only one MMEB album in your life, make it this one. (by Christian Matschke)

This band doesnt need any Springsteen songs. In my opinion this album is even better than the Roaring silence. First half has superb prog rock. And the second side’s classics with some prog spices sound very nice too. (by Mikko Maunu)


In my opinion the 2 best Manfred Mann’s earth band albums are Watch and Angel Station which came in sequel. The production on those albums is simply outstanding. The collection of songs on Watch is strong and they are flawlessly performed by the skilled musicians Manfred always had the good taste to surround himself with. So there are many contributing factors to this albums success but if some one would say that Chris Thompson had one of the best voices from this era I would not deny it. His vocals on Watch is so focused and spot on. It leaves a lasting impression as does Manfred’s arrangements. Manfred Mann’s Earth band was underrated because they didn’t record enough of their own material but for me I never thought about it much. I just loved the music and Watch is a real gem. (by Thomas Johansson)


Dave Flett (guitar)
Pat King (bass, background vocals)
Manfred Mann (keyboards, background vocals)
Chris Slade (drums, percussion)
Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar)
background vocals:
Doreen Chanter – Irene Chanter – Stevie Lange – Victy Silva – Kim Goddy


01. Circles (Mark) 4.48
02. Drowning On Dry Land (Slade)/Fish Soup (Flett/Mann) 5.57
03. Chicago Institute (Thomas/Mann/Flett) 5.48
04. California (Vickers) 5.32
05. Davy’s On The Road Again (live) (Simon/Robertson) 5.54
06. Martha’s Madman (Tietgen) 4.50
07. Mighty Quinn (live) (Bob Dylan) 6.20
08. California (single edit) (Vickers) 3.46
09. Davy’s On The Road Again (live) (single edit) (Simon/Robertson) 3.34
10. Bouillabaisse (single B-side) (Flett, Mann) 4.02
11. Mighty Quinn (live) (single edit) (Dylan) 3.39



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