Alabama State Troupers (featuring Don Nix – Jeanie Greene – Furry Lewis) – Road Show (1972)

FrontCover1The Alabama State Troupers was a big-band soul outfit formed by ex-Markey member Don Nix in 1971. Nix cut a solo album, entitled Living by the Days, for Elektra Records in 1971, and put together a touring group consisting of Lonnie Mack — replaced by Furry Lewis — Jeannie Greene, and the Mt. Zion Band and Choir. The group embarked on a national tour that took them across the South and West to California, initially to promote Nix’s album, but the shows soon took on a life of their own, especially with Lewis — a veteran bluesman with more than 40 years in the business — opening the shows. In 1972, Elektra issued a live album off of the tour, The Alabama State Troupers Road Show, a 21-song double-LP set that captured some of the better moments from their tour. The group broke up soon after but was well remembered enough to get a live CD, Live for a Moment, issued in Australia in 2005. (by Bruce Eder)

Don Nix03

Don Nix had deep Southern soul and blues roots, getting his start playing with Steve Cropper and Donald Duck Dunn in the Mar-Keys. These roots aren’t as evident on his 1972 project Alabama State Troupers as his association with Leon Russell, whose pioneering work can be heard all over Road Show, the double-LP that captures the wild revue Nix took across America in 1972. Cut firmly from the same cloth that Russell provided for Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen revue, along with the similar Delaney & Bonnie band, the Alabama State Troupers is a careening rock & roll outfit that touches upon soul, country, gospel, and, in its occasional frontman Furry Lewis, blues. Lewis stepped into an absence left by Lonnie Mack, a superficially more suitable match for Nix, co-vocalist Jeanie Greene, and the Mt. Zion Band & Choir, but Lewis gives this an unexpected sense of community and heritage, emphasizing how the Alabama State Troupers stretch back far.

Jeanie Greene

That said, Road Show is very much an album of its time. Specifically, it is part of the Leon Russell axis, sounding like a kissing cousin to Delaney & Bonnie due to Nix’s traded vocals with Greene, but its attitude is slightly closer to Mad Dogs & Englishmen, often feeling so overstuffed that it is about to burst. Nix isn’t a vocalist of Cocker’s stature, nor is Greene close to Bonnie Bramlett, which makes the wildcard of Lewis all the more compelling; he gives them gravity but also a bit of mischief. Nevertheless, the star in Alabama State Troupers isn’t who is on the mike but rather the group itself, a collective that plays the kind of rambling, raucous American music that was briefly in vogue in the early ’70s. Few have picked up this thread since, but that may be why it still sounds vital: it’s teeming with passion, conviction and ideas that are still potent years after the music has receded into history. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

In other words: We want more … we want more … we want more …

Recorded October 15, 1971 at Long Beach Civic Auditorium, Long Beach, California, and October 17, 1971 at Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, California.

“These tapes were mixed from the live recordings without any overdubbing of instruments or vocals. The only alterations were in omitting certain songs because of time lengths.”


Mary Anderson (background vocals on 15.)
Tippy Armstrong (guitar)
Jeanie Greene (vocals on 07., 09. – 14. + 20., piano on 13. + 14., background vocals on 15.)
Marlin Greene (vocals on 11. + 12.)
Clayton Ivey (piano)
Furry Lewis (guitar, vocals on 01. – 04., vocals on 17.)
Don Nix (vocals on 05. – 07., 09., 11., 16., 18. + 21.)
Brenda Patterson (vocals on 08., 15., background vocals on 15.)
Wayne Perkins (guitar, vocals on 11. + 12.)
Fred Prouty (drums)
Tarp Tarrant (drums)
Carolyn Watkins (background vocals on 15.)
Marianne Watkins (background vocals on 15.)
Ken Woodly (organ)
Bob Wray (bass)


01. Furry’s Blues / Announcement (Lewis) 8.09
02. Brownsville (Lewis) 4.43
03. I’m Black (Lewis) 2.03
04. A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But A Bird (Lewis) 2.59
05. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Traditional) 4.18
06. Amos Burke (Nix) 2.40
07. Mighty Time (Nix) 2.56
08. Jesus On The Mainline (Traditional) 3.54
09. Mary Louise (Greene/Nix) 3.15
10. Yes, I Do Understand (Greene)
11. Opening (Pillmore/Kowalke) 4.29
12. Living In The Country (Pillmore/Boyer) 2.49
13. Joa-Bim (Armstrong) 3.09
14. Dixie (Traditional) 2.25
15. Heavy Makes You Happy (Bloom/Barry) 3.05
16. Iuka (Nix) 5.44
17. Furry’s Rap (Lewis) 1.04
18. Asphalt Outlaw Hero (Mack) 4.10
19. Olena (Nix) 4.15
20. My Father’s House (Traditional) 4.05
21. Going Down (Nix) 6.49



The inlets:

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Jim & Jesse And The Virginia Boys – Bluegrass Special (1963)

FrontCover1Jim & Jesse were an American bluegrass music duo composed of brothers Jim McReynolds (February 13, 1927 – December 31, 2002) and Jesse McReynolds (born July 9, 1929). The two were born and raised in Carfax, a community near Coeburn, Virginia. Their grandfather, Charles McReynolds, had led the band “The Bull Mountain Moonshiners” who recorded at the famous Bristol Sessions in 1927.

Jesse played the mandolin with a unique, self-invented “crosspicking” and “split-string” playing method, and Jim sang as a high tenor and played guitar. They played with their backing band, The Virginia Boys, consisting of five-string banjo, fiddle and bass. The Virginia Boys have included musicians such as fiddler Vassar Clements, banjo player Allen Shelton, Mike Scott, Vic Jordan, Bobby Thompson, Carl Jackson, fiddler Jimmy Buchanan, Glen Duncan, Jesse’s oldest son, the late Keith McReynolds, Randall Franks and many more.

Jim & Jesse03

Since the death of his brother Jim, Jesse has continued to perform with their Virginia Boys band. He still performs in the bluegrass music tradition but has added other genres of music to his repertoire, including Chuck Berry and Grateful Dead songs. Jesse participated in a 2010 tribute to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter titled Jesse McReynolds & Friends Tribute to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter: Songs of the Grateful Dead, released on Woodstock Records. It features Garcia’s friends David Nelson and Sandy Rothman, along with Stu Allen, of the present Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band.

Jesse’s present band lineup includes Keith’s son, Garrett McReynolds as tenor singer/rhythm guitarist. On special occasions Jesse takes out the historic fiddle his grandfather played on the Bristol Sessions, and lets grandson Luke McKnight do the crosspicking that Jesse created. Rounding out the group is Travis Wetzel on fiddle, Gary Reece on banjo, and Larry Carney on guitar.

Jim & Jesse02

In 1952, Jim & Jesse were signed to their first major label, Capitol Records.[2] They have also recorded for Columbia Records, Epic Records and Opryland USA. They also released under their own Old Dominion record label. In 1960, their first single for Columbia was “The Flame of Love” backed by “Gosh I Miss You All The Time”. Their other classic songs include “Cotton Mill Man”, “Diesel On My Tail”, “Are You Missing Me”, and “Paradise”.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Jim and Jesse starred on the live radio show, the Suwannee River Jamboree, broadcast on Saturday nights from Live Oak, Florida on WNER radio. The show was also syndicated throughout the Southeastern United States. The brothers replaced the Stanley Brothers on the show. They left when Martha White began using the duo as a sponsor.

Jim & Jesse01

On March 2, 1964, they were invited to join the Grand Ole Opry after making several appearances as guest performers, and they moved to Gallatin, Tennessee later that year.

Jim and Jesse joined producers Randall Franks and Alan Autry for the In the Heat of the Night cast album Christmas Time’s A Comin’, performing the title song with the cast. The album became one of the most popular Christmas releases of 1991 and 1992 with Southern retailers.[citation needed] Jesse also added his mandolin talents to a vocal performance of “Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella” by actor Carroll O’Connor.

Jesse continues to perform at numerous folk festivals representing the traditional arts and some of his new styles.

In 2002, both brothers were diagnosed with different types of cancer. Jesse’s battle was successful, but Jim died in 2002 at the age of 75, ending the longest active professional brother duet in country music history – 55 years.

Jim & Jesse05

Jesse has carried on the Jim & Jesse tradition and continues to play The Grand Ole Opry & special dates with his band, as well as being a guest with other groups. He lives in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The duo’s honors include induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame’s “Walkway of Stars”, the Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame, the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Hall of Honor, and Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Individually and collectively they were nominated for several Grammy Awards. They also received a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, presented by Hillary Clinton and Jane Alexander at The White House on September 23, 1997.

In 2004, Jesse was honored with a nomination by the International Bluegrass Music Association for his project Bending the Rules as Instrumental Recording of the Year. (wikipedia)

Jim & Jesse06

And here´s their second album, another fine example of very good Blues Grass music.

Without any doubts, they were one of the great bluegrass bands in history … so listen and enjoy these “old fashioned” melodies and tunes.


Jesse McReynolds (mandolin, vocals)
Jim McReynolds (guitar, vocals)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians

Jim & Jesse04

01. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes (Taylor/Helms) 1.58
02. Somebody Loves You Darling (W.Morris/Z.Morris) 2.25
03. She Left Me Standing On The Mountain (Delmore) 2.10
04. Don’t Say Goodbye If You Love Me (Dodd/Davis) 2.46
05. I Wish You Knew (I.Louvin/C.Louvin) 2.24
06. When It’s Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing (Delmore) 2.24
07. Grave In The Valley (McHan) 3.13
08. Blue Bonnet Lane (Walker) 2.10
09. Are You Missing Me (I.Louvin/C.Louvin) 2.24
10. Congratulations Anyway! (Jim McReynolds/Jesse McReynolds) 2.18
11. Pickin’ And A-Grinnin’ (Howard) 2.25
12. Stoney Creek (Jim McReynolds/Jesse McReynolds) 1.53




The Jim & Jesse website:

Jim Capaldi – One Man Mision (1984)

FrontCover1Nicola James Capaldi (2 August 1944 – 28 January 2005) was an English singer-songwriter and drummer. His musical career spanned more than four decades. He co-founded the psychedelic rock band Traffic in 1967 with Steve Winwood with whom he co-wrote the majority of the band’s material. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a part of Traffic’s original line-up.

Capaldi also performed with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Alvin Lee, Cat Stevens, and Mylon LeFevre, and wrote lyrics for other artists, such as “Love Will Keep Us Alive” and “This is Reggae Music”. As a solo artist he scored more than a half dozen chart hits in various countries, the best-known being “That’s Love” as well as his cover of “Love Hurts”. (wikipedia)

Jim Capaldi01

Returning to the musicians who helped him through his mid-solo career, Jim Capaldi appeared to be lost, trying to satisfy record company execs while still maintaining his artistic integrity. Thus, One Man Mission suffers as a result, sounding like more of the same, just warmed up a bit. While still trying hard to put forth what he thought the public wanted, Capaldi appeared to be on the losing end. (by James Chrispell)

No, I can´t agree … this is a good  Pop/Rock album with the sound of The Eighties and very fine contributions of Carlos Santana, Snowy White and Steve Marriott (vocals on one track).

And the intro of “Tonight” reminds me of course on “With A Little Help From My Friends” from Joe Cocker & The Grease Band.


Ray Otu Allen (percussion on 09.)
Pete Bonas (guitar on 01., 02. , 03., 06. – 09.)
Jim Capaldi (drums, percussion, vocals)
Tom Costa (keyboards on 08.)
John Giblin (bass on 02.. 04., 06., 08.)
Bryson Graham (drums on 09.)
Neil Hubbard (guitar on 04.)
Simon Kirke (drums on 02.)
Jim Leverton (bass on 09.)
Steve Marriott (vocals on 06.)
Chris Parren (keyboards on 01., 02., 06., + 08., bass on 01.)
Colin Pincott (guitalele on 01., guitar on 09.)
Carlos Santana (lead guitar on 03., 05.)
Alan Spenner (bass on 05., 07.)
Orestos Vilato (percussion on 03., 07.)
Godfrey Wang (keyboards on 03. – 05., 07.)
Snowy White (guitar on 03., lead guitar on 05., 07.)
background vocals on 02.:
The Voice Squad

background vocals on 03. + 07.:
Simon Bell – Steve Lange

background vocals on 04. + 05.:
Kenny Lynch


01. One Man Mission (Capaldi/Parren/Bonas) 3.36
02. Tonight (Capaldi) 3.58
03. Lost Inside Your Love (Capaldi/Santana/Walker/Thompson/Vilato) 3.20
04. I’ll Keep On Holding On (Capaldi/Lynch/Parren) 3.56
05. Nobody Loves You (Capaldi/Costa) 4.04
06. Young Savages (Capaldi/Parren) 4.33
07. Tales Of Power (Capaldi/Santana/Walker/Thompson/Vilato) 4.00
08. Warriors Of Love (Capaldi/Costa) 5.16
09. Ancient Highway (Capaldi) 3.03



My copy was signed by Snowy White:

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FrontCover1  FrontCover1

Jim Capaldi02