Clive Langer And The Boxes – I Want The Whole World (EP) (1979)

FrontCover1Clive Langer (born 19 June 1954 in Hampstead, London, England) is an English record producer and songwriter, active from the mid-1970s onwards. He usually works with Alan Winstanley. He composed the music for the films Still Crazy and Brothers of the Head. Prior to his record producing career he was a guitarist with the British cult band Deaf School.

Langer sometimes performed under the alias of ‘Cliff Hanger’, and his production work was sometimes attributed to ‘Clanger’. After Deaf School, in mid 1977, Langer joined Big in Japan which he suggested to his friend Bill Drummond (later founder of Zoo Records and member of The KLF) to form, but Langer quit shortly afterwards and began a new band, Clive Langer and the Boxes. Their releases were I Want the Whole World, a 12″ EP released in 1979 on Radar Records. and Splash!, an album released in 1980 on F-Beat Records.

Clive Langer01

Langer co-wrote the song “Shipbuilding” with Elvis Costello, and played organ on the version by Robert Wyatt which was a Top 40 hit in the UK. (wikipwedia)

Clive Langer02

And here´s this EP from 1979:

The big disappointment of producer Clive Langer’s solo career is that he doesn’t give it top priority. Presumably freed from financial pressures by making (with partner Alan Winstanley for the most part) hit records for, among others, Madness and Dexys (later, the Smiths and Bush), the talented singer/guitarist — judging by his dismaying lack of “product” — seems to take only passing interest in making records of his own.

Peter Edward Budgie Clarke

As chief songwriter for the late Deaf School, Langer successfully mated the music hall tradition with highly melodic rock’n’roll, topped off with anxious lyrics about modern-day pressures — i.e., a cross between the Kinks and Roxy Music. His solo works are more personal, and lean decidedly to the Ray Davies school, partly because Langer’s weary singing has a similar charm.

Ben Barson

The five tunes on I Want the Whole World are nearly perfect vignettes of anger, tenderness and regret, performed with casual ingenuousness. (Jon Young, Trouser Press)


Ben Barson (keyboards)
Peter Edward “Budgie” Clarke (drums, bass)
Clive Langer (vocals, guitar)
background vocals:
Bette Bright – Steve Allen

Bright + Allen

01. The Whole World 3.32
02. Lovely Evening 3.10
03. I Know I 3.35
04. Those Days 4.02
05. Simple Life 3.35

All songs written by Clive Langer



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