Les Octaves – Un efants dans les sables (1975)

FrontCover1In 1963, six high school students from Troyes, passionate about French song, formed the vocal group “Les Octaves”: Léda and Gérard BOEHLER, Jean-Marie PLOYE, Michel JOUBERT, Gérard FARDET and Bernard GUYOT.
In 68, they released a mini-album of 5 tracks (A opera, Maria, My father, File la Laine, l’Enfant do) followed by four self-produced 45 rpm, with original compositions.
In 73, they recorded the album “They were right”.
They meet Mouloudji with whom they will make shows, records and tours.
Very attached to the texts and to the vocal harmonies, they link the shows, associating the song and the theatrical game.
In 1975, they successfully played “Un enfant dans les sables”, a musical for young audiences, then released on an album. The albums “Un parfum d’herbes sauvage” followed.
(76), “Eux oui, nous non”, with 3 titles by F. Corbier and “La chanson de Brel” (81).
In 83, Gérard Fardet left the group to try a solo career.

LesOctaves01Also appear “On the terrace” (84), “Le Oath d’Aldebert”, “L’Arche marveleuse” (85), “T’as beau t’appeler Van Gogh”, with texts by Karim Kacel, “La Fontaine, le retour “(95) and” Encore un ptit vers? “(99).
In 2001, JM Ploye separated from the group for health reasons and Les Octaves reworked their shows as a quartet. They published “La belle nuit de Noël” (2004) and performed “Comme un petit coquelicot” (2003) and “Poèmes et Chants concentration camps “(2005). (bide-et-musique.com; translation by google)


“Un enfant dans les sables”, is the first musical for young audiences, performed more than 700 times ad thi album was the soundtrack from this musical.

This album was re-recorded in 1986 and even in 1996/97 Les Octaves were with this music on a very sucessful through France.

Amd it´s a real nice and funny idea … and good music, too. If you like Chansons … listen and enjoy !


Bob Anthonioz (guitar)
André Beneteau (bass)
Leda Boehler (organ)
Coaty de Oliveira (drums, percussion)
Patrick Peronne (piano, synthesizer)
Claude Thomain (accordion)


01. Parmi Les Sables Du Désert (Among The Desert Sands) 2.24
02. Apprivoiser (Tame) 3.03
03. Au Hasard Des Planètes (Random Planets) 2.46
04. La Perle Et L’Oasis (The Pearl and the Oasis) 1.32
05. Le Menuet Des Planètes (The Minuet Of The Planets) 1.41
06. La Ballade De La Rose (The Ballad Of The Rose) 2.17
07. Une Étoile Qui Rit (A Laughing Star) 2.01
08. La Comptine Du Renard (The Fox Nursery Rhyme ) 1.40
09. Le Sosie De La Sangsue (Le Serpent) The Leech Double (The Snake) 1.44
10. La Consigne (Setpoint) 2.45
11. Soleil Couchant (Sunset)1.26
12. Regarde Avec Ton Coeur (Look With Your Heart) 2.29

Music: Gérard Fardet
Lyrics: Robert Noël




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