Stanley Clarke – Live 1976 – 1977 (1991)

FrontCover1Stanley Clarke (born June 30, 1951) is an American bassist, film composer and founding member of Return to Forever, one of the first jazz fusion bands. Clarke gave the bass guitar a prominence it lacked in jazz-related music. He is the first jazz-fusion bassist to headline tours, sell out shows worldwide and have recordings reach gold status.

Clarke is a 5-time Grammy winner, with 15 nominations, 3 as a solo artist, 1 with the Stanley Clarke Band, and 1 with Return to Forever.

A Stanley Clarke electric bass is permanently on display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

Live 1976–1977 is the sixth album of the bassist Stanley Clarke. This is also his first live album. (wikipedia)


After giving Clarke’s fans a taste of some live tapes of the School Days band on I Wanna Play for You, Epic waited until 1991 to put another batch of them out, well after it would have been commercially feasible to do so. But no matter, for this CD captures one of Clarke’s best electric bands — maybe his best band, period — in a number of gigs in the U.S. and U.K., mixing up the jazz, funk, and rock into a high-energy, musically literate brew. A lot of this album recycles then-existing material, but the live conditions add flashes of spontaneity and sometimes considerable interest to jazz fans.


Along with the core of Raymond Gomez (guitar), Peter Robinson or David Sancious (keyboards), and Gerry Brown (drums), Clarke used a four-piece horn section to which he gives sophisticated voicings, several solos, and on “The Magician,” quasi-Baroque turns. There is a thinly stretched (at times) acoustic cat-and-mouse dialogue between Clarke and Sancious on “Bass Folk Song No. 3,” plus, in a departure from the format, an Indian-flavored studio outtake of “Desert Song” (with John McLaughlin) from the School Days sessions. (by Richard S. Ginell)

And “Bass Folk Song No. 3” (feat. David Sancious on piano) is of course his sensational masterpiece !


Gerry Brown (drums)
Stanley Clarke (bass)
Raymond Gomez (guitar)
Al Harrison (trumpet, flugelhorn, whistle)
James Tinsley (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Al Harrison (flugelhorn on 03., trumpet, whistle on 07.)
Darryl Munyungo Jackson (percussion on 08.)
Bob Malach (saxophone on 01. – 05., flute on 03.)
John McLaughlin (guitar on 08.)
Peter Robinson (bass on 01., 03. + 04., keyboards, synthesizer on 02. + 05.)
David Sancious (keyboards, synthesizer on 07. + 09., piano on 06.)
Alfie Williams (saxophone on 01., 04. – 05., flute on 03.)


01. School Days 7.01
02. Lopsy Lu 7.26
03. Quiet Afternoon 6.51
04. Silly Putty 5.38
05. Dayride 7.04
06. Bass Folk Song No. 3 13.41
07. The Magician 5.56
08. Desert Song 7.29
09. Vulcan Princess 3.23

Music composed by Stanley Clarke

Tracks 1-4 recorded at the Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California, September 1977
Track 5 recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London, June 1977
Tracks 6, 7, 9 recorded at Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara, California, December 1976
Track 8 recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, June 1976




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