Robert Hunter – Promontory Rider – A Retrospective Collection (1982)

FrontCover1Robert C. Christie Hunter (born Robert Burns; June 23, 1941 – September 23, 2019) was an American lyricist, singer-songwriter, translator, and poet, best known for his work with the Grateful Dead. Born near San Luis Obispo, California, Hunter spent some time in his childhood in foster homes, as a result of his father’s abandoning his family, and took refuge in reading and writing. He attended the University of Connecticut for a year before returning to Palo Alto, where he became friends with Jerry Garcia. Garcia and Hunter began a collaboration that lasted through the remainder of Garcia’s life.

Garcia and others formed the Grateful Dead in 1965, and some time later began working with lyrics that Hunter had written. Garcia invited him to join the band as a lyricist, and Hunter contributed substantially to many of their albums, beginning with Aoxomoxoa in 1969. Over the years Hunter wrote lyrics to a number of the band’s signature pieces, including “Dark Star”, “Ripple”, “Truckin'”, “China Cat Sunflower”, and “Terrapin Station”. Hunter was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Grateful Dead in 1994, and is the only non-performer to be inducted as a member of a band. Upon his death, Rolling Stone described him as “one of rock’s most ambitious and dazzling lyricists” (wikipedia)

Robert Hunter01

And here´s a very nice sampler with music from Robert Hunter:

Robert Hunter’s first U.S. release in seven years was this “retrospective collection,” gathering five tracks from the 1974 Tales Of The Great Rum Runners album, one from the 1975 Tiger Rose album, three from the unreleased Alligator Moon album, two from the U.K.-only 1980 album Jack O’ Roses, and the newly recorded “Touch Of Darkness.” Most interesting was the Alligator Moon material, which found Hunter fronting the band Comfort, which played tight rock ‘n’ roll and provided a more organized musical format for Hunter’s work than he had been able to achieve on his albums so far. (by William Ruhlmann)

Such a beautiful compilation !


Robert Hunter (guitar, vocals)
Peter Albin (bass)
Rodney Albin (fiddle, vina, vocals)
Maureen Aylett (spoons, vocals)
Buddy Cage (pedal steel-guitar)
T. Will Claire (vocals)
David Freiberg (bass)
Jerry Garcia (guitar, piano, synthesizer)
Donna Godchaux (vocals)
Keith Godchaux (keyboards)
Mickey Hart (drums)
Kathleen Klein (vocals)
Larry Klein (bass)
Pat Lorenzano (drums)
Richard McNees (keyboards)
Barry Melton (guitar, harmonica)
Maureen Molle (vocals)
Kevin Morgenstern (guitar)
Markee Shubb (mandolin)
Rick Shubb (banjo)
David Torbert (bass)
The Steve Schuster Horns:
Mario Cipollina – Bruce Gapinski – John Farey – Milt Farrow – David Kessner – Ray Scott – Jeff Slattery – Randall Smith – Bill Steel – Hadi El Sadoon


01. Boys In The Bar Room (Hunter) 1.09
02. That Train Don’t Run Here Anymore (Hunter) 4.28
03. Tiger Rose (Hunter) 3.15
04. Hooker’s Ball (Hunter) 2.47
05. Standing At Your Door (Hunter) 4.29
06. Promontory Rider (Hunter) 4.50
07. Touch Of Darkness (live) (Hunter) 5.27
08. It Must Have Been The Roses (Hunter) 3.29
09. Rum Runners (Hunter) 3.00
10. Drunkard’s Carol (Hunter) 1.05
11.Lady Of Carlisle (Traditional) 4.11
12. Prodigal Town (Traditional) 1.41



More from Robert Hunter:

Robert Hunter02

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