Various Artists – Shakin’ All Over – Rock & Roll Before The Beat-Boom (2013) (CD 1)

FrontCover1On the one hand this 10 CD box is a low budget product …

On the other hand is this 10 CD Box a real gem, because we can hear (mostly) the British way of Rock N Roll …

Ten CDs of excellent quality covering the rock and roll era when music was music!
Many of the tunes on this collection have been hard to find previously and several new performers can be found for the first time.
This collection is truly great value for money and will not disappoint those of us born in the 40s or 50s. (J.Barry)


Excellent in every way up lifting as you listen to this CD from one of the great performers Sit back and relax fully recommended in every way (Thbrookes)

Well, some of these tunes are the ones I listened to on the Swedish radio station Radio Nord in the beginning of the sixties. Even though I’ve already got some of the songs of this compilation, there are some thet I have been searching for for many years. And believe me: this compilation is worth to be waiting for!!! I reALLY ENJOYED IT! (Jan Szymczak)

In other wods: Hail, hail, hail, Rock N Roll deliver me from the days of old (Chuck Berry)


01. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: Shakin’ All Over (Heath) (1960) 2.21
02. Cliff Richard: Move It (Samwell) (1958)  2.23
03. The Shadows: Quatermaster’s Store (Traditional) (1960) 2.22
04. Tommy Steele: Singing The Blues (Endsley) (1956) 2.24
05. Wee Willie Harris: Rockin’ At The 2I’s (Harris) (1957) 2.36
06. Johnny Duncan & His Blue Grass Boys: Rockabilly Baby (Duncan) (1957) 2.10
07. Billy Fury: Don’t Knock Upon My Door (Fury) (1959) 1.48
08. Mort Shuman: I’m A Man (Pomus/Shuman) (1958) 1.55
09. Marty Wilde And His Wildcats: Sea Of Love (Khoury/Baptiste) (1959) 2.26
10. Cliff Richard: A Voice In The Wilderness (Parmor/Lewis) (1960) 2.11
11. Adam Faith: Ah Poor Little Baby (Khoury//Falk) (1959) 2.08
12. Alma Cogan: Fabulous (Lowe/Mann) (1957) 2.07
13. Jimmy Miller & The Barbecues: Jelly Baby (Duke) (1959) 2.13
14. Joan Savage: Lula Rock-a-Hula (Roberts/Katz) (1957) 2.07
15. Petula Clark: Gonna Find Me A Bluebird (Rainwater) (1957) 2.33
16. Michael Cox: Too Hot To Handle (Pomus/Shuman/McDonald) (1959) 2.08
17. Vince Taylor And His Playboys: Brand New Cadillac (Taylor) (1959) 2.33
18. Cliff Richard: My Feet Hit The Ground (Samwell/Seener) 1.59
19. Marion Ryan: Ding-Dong Rockabilly Wedding (Shaw/Kerleen) (1957) 2.03
20. Terry Dene: Start Movin’ (Stevenson) (1957) 2.54




Front + backcover of the box:

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