Mahogany Rush – Maxoom (1973)

FrontCover1Mahogany Rush was a Canadian rock band led by guitarist Frank Marino. Formed in Montreal, Quebec in 1970, the band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s, playing venues as large as California Jam II.

The band is perhaps best known for Marino’s soaring lead guitar which bears a strong resemblance to the playing of Jimi Hendrix. Long-term members of the band have included bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and Frank’s brother Vince on guitar; Frank Marino is the sole continuous member of the band. Starting in the late 1970s, the group recorded and toured as Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush.

Marino has described the band’s sound as “The Grateful Dead meets jazz”.

In an effort to gain press attention, the original record company created a fictional story that Frank Marino, prior to starting the band, had spent time in a mental institution after taking LSD and was visited by Jimi Hendrix in a vision.

Over time, the band migrated to a larger and more financially supported record company and achieved its greatest radio hit success with the song “Strange Dreams”. (wikipedia)

Maxoom is the 1972 debut studio album by the Canadian rock band Mahogany Rush. It was also the debut of Frank Marino as the band’s producer. (wikipedia)

Mahogany Rush02

When “Maxoom” was released, Frank Marino was only 17. He had just finished creating this brilliant psych-blues rock LP that was dedicated to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. And, by all means, that record is worthy of this dedictaion. Marino is a stunning guitarist who is a wonderful soloist as well. “Madness” and “Magic Man” demonstrate his gritty playing style while “Buddy” seems like an homage to “Little Wing”. There is one thing to keep in mind; due to his young age Frank Marino had not exactly perfected his own songwriting skills. So some lyrics might seem generic at times. That being said, the entire band makes up for this fault. A great musical Canadian relic. (by Greg C.)

“All In Your Mind” makes this debut album worth the price of admission alone….just listen to the riffing on this track, 17 years old and ready to rock into the future.(by Bill O’Leary)

This album was dedicated to Jimi Hendrix … listen and you´ll kow why ….

Enjoy this album !


Jimmy Ayoub (drums, percussion)
Paul Harwood (bass)
Frank Marino (guitars, keyboard, vocals)
Phil Bech (piano on 07.)
Johnny McDiarmid (organ on 10.)

Mahogany Rush01Tracklist:
01. Maxoom 2.52
02. Buddy 3.41
03. Magic Man 2.35
04. Funky Woman 3.16
05. Madness 4.50
06. All In Your Mind 3.12
07. Blues 7.05
08. Boardwalk Lady 2.38
09. Back On Home 3.17
10. The New Beginning 1.53

All songs written by Frank Marino



Various Artist – Chess Classics (2005)

FrontCover1Chess Records was an American record company established in 1950 in Chicago, specializing in blues and rhythm and blues. It was the successor to Aristocrat Records, founded in 1947. It expanded into soul music, gospel music, early rock and roll, and jazz and comedy recordings, released on the Chess and its subsidiary labels Checker and Argo/Cadet. The Chess catalogue is currently owned by Universal Music Group and managed by Geffen Records.

Established and run by two Jewish immigrant brothers from what was then Poland, Leonard and Phil Chess, the company produced and released many singles and albums regarded as central to the rock music canon. The musician and critic Cub Koda described Chess as “America’s greatest blues label”.

Chess Office

Chess was based at several locations on the south side of Chicago, initially at South Cottage Grove Ave. The most famous was 2120 S. Michigan Avenue, from May 1957 to 1965, immortalized by the Rolling Stones in “2120 South Michigan Avenue”, an instrumental recorded there during the group’s first U.S. tour in 1964. The building is now the home of Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation. In the mid-1960s, Chess relocated to a much larger building, the former home of Revere Camera Company at 320 E. 21st Street, the label’s final Chicago home. Shortly before the death of Leonard Chess in 1969, the brothers sold the company. (wikipedia)

Chess Brothers

Founded in 1950, Chess Records captured a vibrant new style of American music with roots in the American South that influenced and inspired rock and roll pioneers from Chuck Berry to the Rolling Stones. It has become synonymous with American rhythm and blues. (


An here´a nice and rare sampler with music from this legendary label, publish by the Mojo magazine (“15 tracks hand-picked by Mojo – Given away free with MOJO August 2005. Not to be sold separately”)

Don´t wait … listen … And I learned that Chess Records was much more than just a blues label


01. Ramsey Lewis Trio: Wade In The Water (Lewis) 3.47
02. Marlena Shaw: Liberation Conversation (Shaw/Evans) 1.59
03. Bo Diddley: Gun Slinger (McDaniel) 1.50
04. Chuck Berry: Night Beat (Berry) 2.42
05. Rotary Connection: I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (Stepney/Rudolph) 5.32
06. Muddy Waters: Tom Cat (Williams) 3.35
07. Howlin’ Wolf: Spoonful (Dixon) 2.47
08. Tommy Tucker: Hi-Heel Sneakers (Higginbotham) 2.47
09. Sonny Boy Williamson: Fattening Frogs For Snakes (Williamson) 2.19
10. The Radiants: Voice Your Choice (Sims/McAlister) 2.30
11. Fontella Bass: I Surrender (Davis/De Mell/DeSanto) 2.50
12. Terry Callier: Ordinary Joe (Callier) 4.09
13. Etta James: I’d Rather Go Blind (Foster/Jordan) 2.29
14. Mitty Collier: I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night (Cleveland) 3.38
15. Maurice & Mac: You Left The Water Running (Penn/Franck/Hall) 2.41