Stephen Michael Schwartz – Same (1974)

FrontCover1Stephen Michael Schwartz, a composer / recording artist who performs live music throughout the world to a wide range of audiences both young and old, joins a unique group of musicians who have made a living with their music for over forty years.

Stephen’s reputation as a superlative singer-songwriter-performer came into focus as one of the three original members of the award-winning children’s musical group, PARACHUTE EXPRESS. The first group ever to be signed to Walt Disney Records Music Box Series, PARACHUTE EXPRESS released six albums and performed on some of the biggest stages while associated with Disney. Their roots came from a long-lasting partnership with San Francisco-based Gymboree Corporation, providing music for their Play & Music Centers throughout the world and where Stephen, to this day, continues to appear with over 100 cities in China under his belt.

Stephen Michael Schwartz01

To date, Stephen and Parachute Express have sold well over a half million CD’s, securing a rarified position in the world of children’s entertainment. As founding member of the group, Stephen co-wrote and produced twelve award-winning albums, receiving numerous prestigious awards including first place in the International Songwriting Festival, the NAPPA Award, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the Indie Award and the Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Award and performed at The White House over half a dozen times and at The Kennedy Center where he shared the stage with President Clinton. Stephen also was the main composer and sang the title song for the popular PBS animated show, “JAY JAY THE JET PLANE”. He has also created Book and Tape projects for “Hello, Kitty” (Sanrio), produced various Disney products including “Mickey Mouse’s Greatest Hits” and had the honor of being chosen to co-write and produce the highly acclaimed “Tales From The Rails”, for The Smithsonian Institute featuring country music star, Trace Adkins.

Stephen Michael Schwartz02

As an accomplished live performer, Stephen continues to perform to sold-out venues throughout the world and has shared the stage with such children’s music luminaries as Raffi, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Mister Rogers, Bob McGrath from Sesame Street, and even Kermit the Frog.

Stephen has continued performing and writing his own music with four solo CDs, all of which have garnered multiple awards and much critical acclaim.

“Stephen’s lyrics are Broadway-quality, with sparkling rhymes and clever, evocative wordplay. The melodies are among the best out there, anywhere”.

Stephen Michael Schwartz03

Other achievements in his illustrious career include a solo recording contract with RCA Records at age 20, starring in two television sit-coms, “Please Stand By” for NBC and “The Music Shoppe” (Cable), and winning six Ovation award nominations (one win) for his musical, “It Came From Beyond!”. Co-written with Norman Thalheimer and Cornell Christianson, “It Came From Beyond” made it’s Off-Broadway debut in 2019.

Whether acting, writing, singing or producing, Stephen has shown his talents to be as varied as his creativity is boundless. His original compositions, filled with both humor and sensitivity along with his unusual talent to engage and put an audience totally at ease, make Stephen Michael Schwartz an unforgettable experience … no matter what your age. (taken from his website)


And here´s his debut album:

The album drew industry attention to Stephen’s talent both as a songwriter and a solid vocal performer. The single, “ROCK ME AWAY”, generated favorable airplay on local FM stations around the country and classified Stephen’s musical genre as “Funk/Soul”.

Given the musical climate at the time and disco’s stronghold on radio play, one song off the album that received the most “buzz” was “GET IT UP FOR LOVE”.

It was just the beginning of a long and fruitful recording career. (Stephen Michael Schwartz)

A real good Pop album with many catchy melodies and “Musical Storm ” comes with a real great bass line ! A typical product of the Seventies.

Check the lineup !


Larry Carlton (guitar)
Wilton Felder (bass)
Ed Greene (drums)
Bobbye Hall (percussion)
Jim Horn (horns)
Jim Keltner (drums)
Michael Omartian (keyboards)
Dean Parks (guitar)
Reinie Press (bass)
Stephen Michael Schwartz (vocals, guitar)
Kim Carnes (vocals on: B3)


01. Easily (Metter) 2.48
02. Rock Me Away (Moore) 3.27
03. Love Me Busybody (Schwartz) 2.32
04. Finest Thoughts (Schwartz) 2.49
05. Long Tail Cat (Dixie Holiday) (Loggins) 3.25
06. Doctor’s Daughter (Schwartz) 2.40
07. You Say It’s Me (I Think Maybe It’s You) (Schwartz) 3.04
08. Get It Up For Love (Doheny) 4.06
09. Musical Storm (Schwartz) 2.28
10. I Believe I’m Gonna See You Again (Schwartz) 3.07
11. Now That I´m Without You (Schwartz) 2.40
12. Da Doo Run Run (Barry/Greenwich/Spector.) 2.36



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