Various Artists – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Stereo (1960)

FrontCover1A real nice sampler:

Stereophonic sound, also simply called stereo, is the reproduction of sound using two or more audio loudspeakers. This creates a pleasant and natural sound heard from various directions, as in natural hearing.

The word “stereophonic” comes from Greek stereos = “solid” and phōnē = “sound”. It was coined by Western Electric.

In popular usage, stereo usually means two-channel sound recording and sound reproduction using data from two speakers. The electronic device for playing back stereo sound is often called “a stereo”. (wikipedia)

Ad 1960

And this album tried to get people excited about stereophony. And we hear funny easy listening music… played by more or less totally unknown orchestras and musicians.

Enoy it !


01. George Greeley: The Continental (Magidson/Conrad) 2.36
02. Frank Comstock Orchestra: Theme From “Mickey Mouse Club” (Dodd) 2.29
03. John Scott Trotter Orchestra: Holiday For Strings (Rose) 2.40
04. Buddy Cole And His Trio: Just One Of Those Things (Porter) 3.25
05. Ira Ironstrings Orchestra: Across The Alley From The Alamo (Greene) 2.17
06. Gus Farney: Singin’ In The Rain (Freed/Brown) 2.01
07. The Warner Bros. Military Band: The Caissons Go Rolling Along (Gruber) 2.52
08. Don Ralke Orchestra: How Long Has This Been Going On (Gershwin) 2.26
09. Buddy Cole And His Orchestra: Over The Rainbow (Harburg/Arlen) 3.27
10. Matty Matlock And The Paducah Patrol: Alabamy Bound (Green/DeSalva/ Henderson) 2.58
11. Warren Barker Orchestra: Carnavalito (Zaldivar) 2.33
12. Spike Jones Orchestra: Two Heads Are Better Than One (Brandt/Jones) 2.43



This album is in yellow vinyl:

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