Black Patti – No Milk, No Sugar (2015)

FrontCover1And here´s a very unique and special duo from Germany:

The blues has often been declared dead and gone, but one of its best attributes is the ability to survive and reinvent itself. Certainly, we lament the passing of the old vanguard masters. But let’s be optimistic: When mourning the loss of the originators, new musicians always emerge to carry on the tradition. Sometimes they descend directly from the orbit of the legendary masters, but often they seemingly come out of nowhere, or from places least expected. When that happens, it is often a refreshing and exciting renewal.

Take Black Patti, one of the best country blues duos to come out of Germany, and certainly one of the biggest blues talents ever to come out of that country. The duo started out in Munich in 2011, the capitol of Bavaria, a place better known culturally for lederhosen and beer gardens. But the duo founders Peter Krause, born 1967, und Ferdinand Kraemer, born 1990, had other ideas. Their passion was for the old, purely acoustic blues, and they are still committed to this musical genre today. The duo sometimes invites other musicians who are not part of the core duo to join them, such as Ryan Donohue on upright bass, but that depends on the size of the venue and purse of the gig.

Black Patti01

The duo took its name from a defunct US record company. Black Patti was a small, obscure Chicago record label of the pre-WWII era. It was founded in 1927 by Mayo Williams, who named his label after a now virtually forgotten African American opera singer, Sissieretta Jones, a “Soprano Who Shattered Racial Barriers,” nicknamed Black Patti because she looked similar to the Italian singer Adelina Patti. The label lasted for only seven months and issued 55 releases before going broke. Their peacock logo was revived decades later by the well-known Yazoo label. That’s also where the Bavarian duo took its brand, and they also cover a few songs from the Black Patti label’s repertoire.

Black Patti02

Some blues musicians give themselves exotic-sounding stage names that often become more famous than their own. That’s as common today as it has always been, and Black Patti is no exception: When the Munich lads get on stage or into the studio they appear as Peter Crow C. (Krause) and Mr. Jelly Roll (Kraemer). These pseudonyms are their artist names, both humorous and somewhat self-ironic. Ferdinand Kraemer’s selection is a personal tribute to the great Jelly Roll Morton because his first name was Ferdinand, too. And Peter Krause explained that his puzzling moniker “Crow C.” is derived from the phonetic pronunciation of his last name, as they would say it in Texas.

Unquestionably, these guys are the real deal. They have released three CDs, and all are deeply rooted in the old-time blues. (

Black Patti03

And here´s their debutalbum from 2015.

I know that if you two had sat down with Son House and Willie Brown and Joe Martin in Robinsonville in 1930, and did any one of the “Moon Going Down” numbers the way you did “Future”, there would have been a lot of smiles all around, and you would have been as thoroughly welcomed by them as Al Wilson was in 1964, and for the same reasons. I was really moved by that number and by the closing Patton number. So much respect for the material and yet so much originality.” (Phil Spiro)

Black Patti04

“Here’s the ideal combination of serious study of the great blues masters and a contemporary spontaneity. Black Patti don’t just try to recreate old sounds, although they have the talent to do so.

Instead, they make the songs their own with original arrangements that still remain true to the aesthetics of the tradition. I’ve seen the best and the worst of the Blues Revival for more than fifty years. Black Patti represent the revival’s young generation, and they’re taking it in a good direction.” (Dr. David Evans)

In other words: A hell of a record !


Ferdinand „Jelly Roll“ Kraemer (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Peter „Crow C.“ Krause (vocals, guitar, harmonica)


01. 01. Morning Train (Traditional) 3.16
02. Jelly Roll Swing (Krause) 3.05
03. You Got To Take Sick And Die Some Of These Days (Morganfield) 3.39
04. The New Early In The Morning (Williamson I) 3.28
05. Busy Bootin‘ (Arnold) 2.57
06. Future Blues (Brown) 3.28
07. Black Patti Boogie (Kruse/Kraemer)
08. Please Baby (Sheiks) 3.08
09. I’m So Worried About My Baby (Kramer) 3.11
10. The New Shake That Thing (Sheiks) 3.18
11. Big Mama’s Door (Hart) 4.17
12. I’m Goin‘ Home (Patton) 3.20




And the cover of their latest album was drawn by none other than the legendary Robert Crump … because he likes kMusic so damn much:

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