Hardin & York – For The World (1971)

FrontCover1Hardin & York was a British rock duo that had great success around 1970, especially in Germany.

Eddie Hardin (keyboards) and Pete York (drums) became known with the Spencer Davis Group, which they both left in October 1968. Initially, the two pursued various other projects before joining forces to form a duo.

Hardin & York’s first gig was at London’s Marquee Club on 31 August 1969. After that they had engagements at the Star Club in Hamburg and at a festival in Essen. Their success was unstoppable.


The first album Tomorrow Today was released at the end of 1969. A critic judged Hardin & York to be a mixture of Procol Harum and Traffic. The album sold well, especially in mainland Europe, but also in America, but surprisingly not in England. The album featured Herbie Flowers (bass), Vic Flick (guitar) and background singers Sue and Sunny, the wives of two of Hardin & York’s roadies.

Hardin & York01

The recording of a 1970 performance in Germany was released as a bootleg album in 1971 without the band’s knowledge. At the beginning of 1971 Hardin & York performed as support band for Deep Purple. At that time both musicians had their own bands besides Hardin & York, York the Pete York Percussion Band, Hardin the formation Hardin/Fenwick/Newman. A solo album by Eddie Hardin was also released in 1971.

Hardin & York02

In 1972 Ray Fenwick (guitar) joined Hardin & York and they performed as Hardin, York & Fenwick. In 1973 there was a revival of the Spencer Davis Group. In 1974/75 they played again as a trio together with Charlie McCracken (bass, ex key). After that, Hardin & York performed only occasionally at festivals under this name. In 1995 they released the album Still A Few Pages Left. From 2008 to 2012, Pete York played in Helge Schneider’s band, among others. Hardin & York then reunited for regular performances until Eddie Hardin’s death on 22 July 2015.


Hardin & York’s third and final album, For the World (1971), put a greater emphasis on orchestration and slower tracks.

On this album we hear many of Eddie Hardin´s romantic and sentiental compoitions but although the real power of Hardin & York … exciting Rock & Jazz Rock tunes … like “Extension 345 ” or “David Difficult”.

Liner Notes01

Other highlights are “Have Mercy Woman”, “Cowboy” (another imaginary western tune) or “Little Miss Blue” … a damn hot mixture of this brilliant organ/drums duo.

Another chance to discover “The world´s smallest big band” !

Enjoy it !


Eddie Hardin (keyboards, vocals)
Pete York (drums, percussion)
Ray Fenwick (guitar)
unknown orchestra


01. Deep In My Despair (Hardin) 3.37
02 Have Mercy Woman (Hardin) 4.00
03 For The World (Hardin) 2.41
04 Some Places Are Better To Be (Hardin) 2.49
05 Extension 345 (Hardin/York) 5.42
06. Cowboy (Hardin/York) 4.22
07 I’ll Be Back Again (Hardin) 3.03
08 Feeling, Seeing, Hearing (Hardin) 2.36
09 Natural Gas (Hardin) 2.39
10 Take Away Today (Hardin) 6.03
11 All I See Is You (Hardin) 3.23
12 Mulberry Place  (Hardin) 4.30
13 Sunday Morning (Hardin) 3.35
14 Rock ‘N’ Roll Music (Berry) 3.52
15 David Difficult (Hardin) 6.10
16 Little Miss Blue (Hardin) 3.54



Hardin & York03

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