Françoise Hardy – Same (Soleil) (1970)

FrontCover1Françoise Madeleine Hardy (French: [fʁɑ̃swaz aʁdi]; born 17 January 1944) is a French singer-songwriter. She made her musical debut in the early 1960s on Disques Vogue and found immediate success with her song “Tous les garçons et les filles”. As a leading figure of the yé-yé movement, Hardy “found herself at the very forefront of the French music scene”, and became “France’s most exportable female singing star”, recording in various languages, appearing in movies, touring throughout Europe, and gaining plaudits from musicians such as Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Mick Jagger. With the aid of photographer Jean-Marie Périer, Hardy also began modeling, and soon became a popular fashion icon as well.


As the yé-yé era drew to a close in the late 1960s, Hardy sought to reinvent herself, casting off the fashionable girl next door image that Périer had created for her and abandoning the “cute” and catchy compositions that had characterized her repertoire up to that point. She began working with more accomplished songwriters such as Serge Gainsbourg and Patrick Modiano. Her 1971 album La question represented an important turning point in her career, moving towards a more mature style; it remains her most acclaimed work and has generated a dedicated cult following over the years. The early 1970s also marked the beginning of Hardy’s renowned involvement with astrology, becoming an expert and writer on the subject over the years.


Hardy remains a popular figure in music and fashion, and is considered an icon of French pop and of the 1960s. The singer is also considered a gay icon and has “repeatedly declared that her most devoted friends and fans are gay.” Several of her songs and albums have appeared in critics’ lists.

In May 2000, she made a comeback with the album Clair-obscur on which her son played guitar and her husband sang the duet “Puisque vous partez en voyage”. Iggy Pop and Étienne Daho also took part. (by wikipedia)


And here´s her 12th album:
With the album “Soleil” Francoise Hardy has succeeded in creating a small, unrecognised masterpiece. The 12 songs, which range from pop to pop, form a conceptual coherence and do not fall off at any point! As in my previous reviews, the author team Mick Jones (Spooky Tooth, Foreigner) and Thomas F. Browne are again involved. “Fleur De Lune” (Jones recorded it before with Johnny Hallyday) is the first highlight on this album and if you can listen structurally, you know at the latest now where Led Zeppelin got their “Stairway To Heaven” from 😉

The labels of the Japanese release of Soleil, under the title Conte de Fées:

Francoise’s compositions “Point” or “Un Petit Sourire , Un Petit Mot” are also very strong and, for me, actually make really good artists. But the delicate fragile voice supports the eerily beautiful harmonies at any time in many quiet pieces like “Effeuille Molle Coeur”… Conclusion: Francoise Hardy with very strong material that has been skilfully realised by Mick Jones and Thomas F. Browne and allows you to breathe a little easier, especially after a hard day 😉 (Jack Paw)


Françoise Hardy (vocals)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians
Tommy Brown (drums)
Micky Jones (guitar)


01. Point (Hardy) 2.48
02. San Salvador (Traditional) 2,21
03. Fleur de Lune (Jones/Hardy/Brown) 3.06
04. Effeuille-Moi Le Coeur (Lech/Llous) 2.07
05. Un Petit Sourire, Un Petit Mot (Hardy) 2.46
06. Le Crabe (Roda-Gil/Estardy) 2.54
07. Mon Monde N’Est Pas Vrai (Never Learn To Cry) (Napier-Bell/Wickham/Hardy) 2.44
08. Tu Ressembles A Tous Ceux Qui Ont Eu Du Chagrin (Hardy) 2.03
09. L’Ombre (Jones/Brown/Delanoä) 2.13
10. Soleil (Sunshine) (Howard/Alpert/Hardy) 3.45
11. Je Fais Des Puzzles (Jones/Brown/de Courson/Modiano) 2.54
12. Dame Souris Trotte (de Courson/Marques) 1.37



The edition from Brazil:

More from Françoise Hardy:

The official website:

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