The Global Vision Project – Essential Elements – Cathedral Echoes (1998)

FrontCover1And here´s an voyage into the special atmosphere of a cathedral:

The mighty and ancient fruits of heruclean labour in the days of old. the great cathedrals were conceived to stimulate, awe snd inspire. Within their precints is a unique kind of quiet.

Visitors speak in hushed tones. Footfalls are soft despite the stone floors. And the music is rich and magnificent. Immerse yourself in the sounds of a magnificent cathedral, draw inspiration from its soaring architecture. grand scale and glorous histcory.

Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, New York

Imagine to the bright emerald green of the grass around its walls, the imagine of its spire soaring up into the heavens and the mighty stones that are its very fabric.

Absorb the very special atmosphere in and around a cathedral, and hear its echo in the music. (liner notes)


unknown studio musicians & choir


01. Convocation 18:47
02. The Ancient Order 13:48
03. The Sun Through The Stained Glass 17:54
04. Celibacy 9:10




1 thought on “The Global Vision Project – Essential Elements – Cathedral Echoes (1998)

  1. Thanks, I have always been intrigued when people say that a specific music creates a mental link to a specific picture. I must admit that sometimes yes it does, but sometimes not because that a personal paradigm (oups!). A good way to cross our mental barrier is to switch your mind-set to following choice : “I decide to first believe in order to let me understand later” instead of the usual behavior “I want to understand before to I decide to believe”.
    If you have other records like this one (who are supposed to set-up a “specific ambiance”, I am taker.

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