Black Patti – Satan’s Funeral (2021)

FrontCover1Black Patti, named after a short-lived Jazz/Blues record label in 1927, has dedicated themselves to the early roots of acoustic blues. The German duo consists of professional musicians Peter Crow C. (guitar, slide, harmonica, vocals) and Ferdinand Kraemer (a.k.a. Mr. Jelly Roll, guitar, mandolin, vocals). Taking the road typically less travelled by today’s performers of this genre, Black Patti draws upon inspiration provided by early Blues artists to write and arrange their own music. With a two-voiced harmony, impressive instrument mastery and a capturing stage presence, Black Patti has taken the European Blues scene by storm, with their own nuanced version of early American Blues. Black Patti writes and plays their own innovative Songs, arrangements and interpretations of early, traditional American Blues.

Black Patti02

Enthusiastic about their new album, world-famous Comic Artist and Blues fan R. Crumb has drawn the Cover Artwork for “Satan’s Funeral“ (2021). (press release)

Black Patti03

And here´s their 3th album:

I’ve known Black Patti since they first began playing together ten years ago. They’ve always drawn their material from the best of the early blues artists and added original arrangements. Now they’ve gone over to the Lord’s side on their latest album, and once again they interpret the best of the early artists and their songs – Blind Roosevelt Graves, Reverend Gary Davis, Eddie Head. Skip James, and a host of others. I love their original harmonies and fine instrumental work. Give this album a listen. It’s a blessing. (David Evans)

Live November 2021

If you want to explore early twentieth century fingerpicked guitar or if you just feel that your soul could use a bit of dusting off, this should raise your spirits. (Lonesome Dave Fisher)

Black Patti with Robert Crumb (May 2022):
Black Patti + Robert Crumb

With honest positive no-nonsense music, the Black Patti duo knows how to cheer up humanity in these days where no one really understands what all the “new normal” entails. (Eric Shuurmans)


Peter „Crow C.“ Krause (guitars, harmonica, vocals)
Ferdinand ‚Mr. Jelly Roll‘ Kraemer (guitars, mandolin, mandola, vocals)


01. Black Patti Is Coming (Krause/Kraemer) 2.54
02. God Don’t Like It (Traditional) 3.40
03. Be Ready When He Comes (James) 3.09
04. I Saw The Light (1) (Davis/Red) 2.56
05. Lonesome Valley (Traditional) 3.57
06. Down On Me (Head) 3.13
07. Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus) (Graves) 3.18
08. Where Is That Place? (A Tribute To Jack Owens) (Krause/Kraemer) 4.33
09. I Saw The Light (2) (Davis/Red) 3.42
10. Everyday Will Be SundayGet On The Road To Glory (Smith) 2.58
11. Get On The Road To Glory (Bunn) 3.06




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The official website:

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