Various Artist – The Ultimate History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Collection, Chapter 10 – Those Were The Days (1997)

FrontCover1Another lowbudget production (this time from the K-T Label)

I got this CD from a really great old friend and this time it’s a compilation with original recordings … this CD was the last part from a 10 C Box.

But don’t be confused by the title “Rock n Roll … ” should not confuse you. Here you hear songs from the 60s and 70s …

Most of the songs were only popular for a short time (“one hits wonder”) … but they are a wonderful reminder of a time that really turned the musical world upside down.

Many of the artists were previously unknown to me (Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, Jewel Akens or BW Stevenson)

Therefore: for all friends of this blog who grew up in that time.

Yes, those were the days. my friends !


01. Mary Hopkin: Those Were The Days (Raskin) 5.00
02. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose: Treat Her Like A Lady (Cornelius) 2.45
03. The Turtles: She’d Rather Be With Me (Bonner/Godon) 2.22
04. The Troggs: Love Is All Around (Presley) 3.02
05. The Ventures: Hawaii Five-O (Stevens) 1.47
06. Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime (Doret) 3.36
07. The Foundations: Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (MacCauley/MscLeod) 3.10
08. Jewel Akens: The Birds And The Bees (Newman) 2.12
09. Lesley Gore: You Don’t Own Me (Madara/White) 2.36
10. The Drifters: Saturday Night At The Movies (Mann/Weil) 2.40
11. Bobby Rydell: Forget Him (Anthony) 2.11
12. Bobby Sherman: Little Woman (Janssen) 2.29
13. BW Stevenson: My Maria (Moore/Stevenson) 2.29
14. Marmalade: Reflections Of My Life (Campbell/McAleese) 3.59
15. Paul Revere & Mark Lindsay: Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) (Loudermilk) 2.51




They took the whole Cherokee Nation put us on this reservation
Took away our way of life tomahawk and the bow and the knife
Put our papoose in a crip took the buckskin from our ribs
They took away our native tongue and taught their English to our youngs
Although they’ve changed our ways of old they’ll never changed our hearts and souls
Though I wear a white man shirt and tie I’m still a red man deep inside
The old teepee we all love so they’re using now for just a show
And all our beads we made by hand are nowadays made in Japan