Savoy Brown – Live At My Father’s Place (1975)

AlternateFrontCover1Savoy Brown (originally Savoy Brown Blues Band) were an English blues rock bandformed in Battersea, south west London, in 1965. Part of the late 1960s blues rock movement, Savoy Brown primarily achieved success in the United States, where they promoted their albums with non-stop touring. Founder, guitarist and primary songwriter Kim Simmonds was the sole constant member of the band from its formation in 1965 until his death in 2022.

Kim Maiden Simmonds (5 December 1947 – 13 December 2022) was a Welsh rock singer and musician. He was the founder, guitarist, primary songwriter and only consistent member of the blues rock band Savoy Brown. Simmonds led Savoy Brown since its inception in 1965 to its peak and multi-sales. He performed and appeared on every album the band recorded.

Savoy Brown01

When still a young teenager, Simmonds learned to play from listening to his brother’s blues records. Considered one of the architects of British blues, he started the Savoy Brown Blues Band in October 1965, who began playing gigs at the Nags Head in 1966 in London. Early gigs included performing with Cream at Klooks Kleek and accompanying John Lee Hooker.

Live performances led to Savoy Brown signing with Decca. But it was 1969 before its classic line-up gelled around Simmonds, rhythm guitarist Lonesome Dave Peverett, and the monocle and bowler hat-wearing vocalist Chris Youlden. That year’s Blue Matter and A Step Further albums conjured up at least three classics heard on The Best of Savoy Brown (20th Century Masters/The Millennium Collection): “Train To Nowhere”, the live show-stopper “Louisiana Blues” (a Muddy Waters number), and “I’m Tired”.

Kim Simmonds02

Since its first US visit, Savoy Brown has criss-crossed the country, and “I’m Tired” became the group’s first hit single across the ocean. The band would find a greater following in America than in its native England throughout its career.[citation needed]

1970’s Raw Sienna followed, featuring “A Hard Way To Go” and “Stay While The Night Is Still Young”. When Youlden then departed for a solo career, Lonesome Dave took over the lead vocals. Looking In, also in 1970, featured not only “Poor Girl” and “Money Can’t Save Your Soul” but one of the era’s memorable LP covers, a troglodyte-like savage staring into an eye socket of a monstrous skull. Later, Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens and drummer Roger Earl left to form the successful but decidedly rock band Foghat. Simmonds soldiered on, recruiting from blues band Chicken Shack keyboardist Paul Raymond, bassist Andy Silvester and drummer Dave Bidwell, and from the Birmingham club circuit the vocalist Dave Walker.

Kim Simmonds03

The new line-up was a hit. On stage in America, the group was supported by Rod Stewart and the Faces. On the album Street Corner Talking (1971) and Hellbound Train (1972) launched favourites “Tell Mama”, “Street Corner Talking”, a cover of the Temptations’ Motown standard “I Can’t Get Next To You” and the nine-minute epic “Hellbound Train” (decades later Love and Rockets adapted it as “Bound For Hell”). Walker then quit to join Fleetwood Mac, pre-Buckingham/Nicks.

In 1997, Simmonds released his first solo acoustic album, entitled Solitaire. He toured worldwide with various configurations of Savoy Brown. The 2004 live set You Should Have Been There, recorded in early 2003 in Vancouver with Simmonds handling lead vocals – and also as a solo acoustic act. In 2011 he celebrated 45 years of touring with the Savoy Brown album Voodoo Moon.

In 2017, his album with Savoy Brown, Witchy Feeling, reached number one on the Billboard blues charts.

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As a soloist and leader of Savoy Brown, Simmonds released over 47 albums through 2016. He was also a painter; the cover of his 2008 solo release, Out of the Blue, featured his original art. In 2008, Simmonds appeared in the Rockumentary “American Music: OFF THE RECORD”, Dir. by Benjamin Meade of Cosmic Cowboy Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, alongside Jackson Browne, Noam Chomsky, Douglas Rushkoff, Les Paul, Johnny and Edgar Winter and countless other musicians and musical acts.

Kim Simmonds04On 15 August 2022, Simmonds announced via the Savoy Brown website that he had been receiving chemotherapy for stage four colon cancer. Due to the side effects of his treatment, all scheduled live performances were cancelled. Simmonds died of the disease on 13 December 2022 in Syracuse, New York, at age 75. The news was announced via the Savoy Brown fanpage on 15 December. (wikipedia)

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And here´s another pretty good bootleg from the Kim Simmonds/Paul Raymond period, recorded live to promote theier “Wire Fire” album.

Paul Raymond

And here´s anoher chance to discover one of the finest British glues guitar player ever !


Tom Farnell (drums)
Andy Rae (bass)
Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica)

Alternate frontcover:

01. Tell Mama (Raymond/Simmonds) 6.30
02. Born Into Pain (Simmonds) 9.47
03. Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Raymond/Simmonds) 10.22
04. Hero To Zero (Raymond/Simmonds) 8.42
05. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Silvester) 8.18
06. All I Can Do (Is Cry) (Raymond/Simmonds) 10.50
07. You Don’t Have To Go

Kim Simmonds01


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Jeff Beck – Emotion & Commotion (2010)

FrontCover1Geoffrey Arnold Beck (24 June 1944 – 10 January 2023) was an English rock guitarist who rose to prominence with the Yardbirds and afterwards fronted the Jeff Beck Group and Beck, Bogert & Appice. In 1975, he switched to a mainly instrumental style with a focus on innovative sound, and his releases spanned genres ranging from blues rock, hard rock, jazz fusion, and a blend of guitar-rock and electronica.

Beck ranked in the top five of Rolling Stone and other magazine’s list of 100 greatest guitarists. He was often called a “guitarist’s guitarist”. Rolling Stone described him as “one of the most influential lead guitarists in rock”. Although he recorded two hit albums (in 1975 and 1976) as a solo act, Beck did not establish or maintain the sustained commercial success of many of his contemporaries and bandmates. He recorded with many artists.

Jeff Beck02

Beck earned wide critical praise and received the Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance six times and Best Pop Instrumental Performance once. In 2014 he received the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice: as a member of the Yardbirds (1992) and as a solo artist (2009).


Beck lived in a Grade II-listed house called Riverhall, in Wadhurst, East Sussex. He married Sandra Cash in 2005. Beck became a vegetarian in 1969 and was a patron of the Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust. He also had an interest in classic Ford hot rods, performing much of the work on the exteriors and engines of the cars by himself.

Beck died from bacterial meningitis at a hospital near Riverhall on 10 January 2023, at the age of 78. (wikipedia)

Jeff Beck03

Emotion & Commotion is the tenth studio album by guitarist Jeff Beck, released in April 2010 on Atco Records. In addition to featuring vocal performances by Joss Stone, Imelda May, and Olivia Safe, the album showcases a 64-piece orchestra on several tracks, and includes covers of well-known songs such as “Over the Rainbow”, “Corpus Christi Carol”, “Lilac Wine”, and other rock and classical works.

The album debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 in the US, with sales of 26,000, Beck’s highest debut in his 45-year career. His highest charting album is Blow by Blow produced by George Martin, which peaked at No. 4 in 1975 on the US Billboard album chart. The album has sold 123,000 copies in the US as of July 2016.


The album reached No. 21 in the UK and debuted at No. 9 in Canada. The album debuted at No. 1 in Japan on the Weekly International Album Sales Chart. It charted at No. 49 on the Australian charts, marking the first time Jeff Beck has appeared on the Australian album charts since Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop reached No. 99 in 1989.

The song “Hammerhead” won the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. The track “Nessun Dorma” won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. (wikipedia)


When Jeff Beck last ventured into the studio it was to cut 2003’s Jeff, a deliberately modernist album steeped in electronica, to which 2010’s Emotion & Commotion almost feels like a refutation. Working with producers Steve Lipson and Trevor Horn, Beck has created an old-fashioned blues-rock-cum-prog record, balancing the sweeping vistas of a 64-piece orchestra with cool jazz-funk grooves, tarted-up Screamin’ Jay Hawkins covers with a pair of Jeff Buckley tunes and a gentle reading of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Joss Stone sits in for two songs, including “I Put a Spell on You,” with jazz vocalist Imelda May and opera singer Olivia Safe taking lead on two others, but the focus remains on Beck, who is in a reserved, lyrical mood.

The vinyl edition:

Occasionally, the tempo ratchets up — “Hammerhead,” which begins as a ‘60s riff rocker before quickly heading to Blow by Blow territory; “There’s No Other Me,” the other Stone showcase — but Emotion & Commotion remains languid and even dreamy despite the crisp, cavernous Horn production that gives it a feeling of being trapped in 1990. All this is due to Beck, who has chosen to forgo his signature frenzied fretboard blitzkriegs and weave long phrases, his guitar rich, thick, and warm, sounding familiar yet different: he’s never sustained this level of grace for a full record, and his soulful playing cuts through the clean sheen of the production, always commanding attention even when he’s not demanding it. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)


Jeff Beck (guitar)
Chris Bruce (bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums, percussion)
Clive Deamer (drums)
Earl Harvin (drums)
Luís Jardim (percussion)
Alessia Mattalia (drums)
Pete Murray (keyboards)
Pino Palladino (bass)
Jason Rebello (keyboards)
Tal Wilkenfeld – bass guitar
Imelda May (vocals on 07. + 11.)
Olivia Safe (vocals n 06. + 10.)
Joss Stone (vocals 0n 05. + 09.)

01. Corpus Christi Carol (Britten) 2.40
02. Hammerhead (Beck/Rebello) 4.15
03. Never Alone (Rebello) 4.23
04. Over The Rainbow (Arlen) 3.08
05. I Put A Spell On You (featuring Joss Stone) (Hawkins) 3.03
06. Nessun Dorma (Puccini) 2.56
07. Serene (Beck/Rebello) 6.06
08. Lilac Wine (Shelton) 4.45
09. There’s No Other Me (Rebello/Stone) 4.02
10. Elegy For Dunkirk (Marianelli) 5.08
11. Poor Boy (live at Iridium Jazz Club N.Y.C. , June 2010) (Traditional) 4.12
12. Cry Me A River (Hamilton) 4.32



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