Mick Abrahams – All Said And Done (1991)

FrontCover1Mick Abrahams’ return album, “All Said and Done”, is as fine as anything he has ever done. This is an excellent blues album, with fourteen tracks comprised of seven tunes written by Mick (two of which were collaborations with Gordon ‘Mississippi’ Murphy), two new arrangements of traditional pieces, and five covers of older blues pieces.

The pieces written by Mick are quite good, starting with “Road Roller” which opens the album. Then there is the absolutely fantastic “All Tore Down” which is probably my favorite tune that Mick has ever done. Another noteworthy piece is “Dear Jane” which is very similar to “Dear Jill” from his days in Blodwyn Pig. Another great piece is the title song of the album “All Said and Done”, which is one of the two pieces which Gordon Murphy co-wrote.

While Mick’s pieces are very strong, one cannot ignore the cover tunes like “Black Night” by Jessie Mae Robinson, “Let Me Love You Baby” by Willie Dixon, and “I Wonder Who” by Alexis Korner. There are also two new arrangements of classic blues pieces. The first is “Billy The Kid” (originally by Reverend Andrew Jenkins), and the second is an amazing 11+ minute version of “Cat’s Squirrel” (originally by Charles Isaiah Ross) which has become Mick’s signature piece. (Dave_42)


Mick Abrahams (guitar, vocals)
Bruce Boardman (piano)
Clive Bunker (drums, percussion)
Pete Fensome (bass)
Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophone)
Dave Lennox (piano)
Gordon Murphy (saxophone)
Nigel Pegrum (drums, percussion)
Andy Pyle (bass)
Jim Rodford (bass)


01. Road Roller (Abrahams) 3.07
02. Watch Your Step (Parker) 3.51
03. Billy The Kid (Traditional) 3.33
04. Let Me Love You Baby (Dickson) 3.12
05. Black Night (Robinson) 6.24
06. All Tore Down (Abrahams) 5.22
07. Redways Of Milton Keynes (Abrahams) 3.59
08. Long Gone (Murphy/Abrahams) 3.14
09. Rock Me Right (Abrahams) 3.25
10. So Much Trouble (McGhee) 3.25
11. Dear Jane (Abrahams) 4.00
12. I Wonder Who (Korner) 6.46
13. All Said And Done (Murphy/Abrahams) 3.16
14. Cats Squirrel (Traditional) 11.25



Mick Abrahams´ Blodwyn Pig – All Tore Down – Live (1994)

FrontCover1Mick Abrahams was the guitarist for Jethro Tull on their first lp. He then quit the group to form Blodwyn Pig another blues/jazz influenced progressive rock group. The group broke up and he recorded a couple of solo albums and then retired from the music business. Recently he has began to play and record again. This particular disc was recorded live in 1993. It sounds as if it was recorded in a club. I have to say that Mick Abrahams guitar playing on this album is astonishing. He can more that hold his own with other more famous British blues rock guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor and Stan Webb. He has lost none of his skills during his retirement. The album features a combination of cover tunes and songs written by Mick himself. Among the highlights is a cover of “Cat’s Squirrel” which also appeared on the first Jethro Tull album “This Was”. His playing segues effortlessly through a number of guitar styles. He is also adept at playing slide guitar. His slide guitar playing is featured on “Billy The Kid” and “Dead Man’s Hill”. This disk has the feel of a long lost album from the late sixties British blues rock boom. The only problem with the album is that the synthesizer becomes annoying at times. The band would have been better served to stick to either piano or organ which are more traditional blues instruments than the synthesizer. If this disk is any indication of what is to come then the unjustly obscure Mick Abrahams is back and better than ever.  (by J.E.Fell)

MickAbrahamsIt would be difficult to imagine a better live album coming from the likes of the Blodwyn Pig. The music is pure R&B, mid-’60s British style only more soulful than most of those bands ever got–Abrahams and company perform dazzling, passionate renditions of their best songs, including “Lies,” a tribute to Alexis Korner (“I Wonder Who”), and even an extended (17 minutes, no less) version of “Cat’s Squirrel,” a song that Abrahams brought to Jethro Tull’s This Was back in 1968. One of those rare cases–you might say a unique example–of a revamped, reformed sixties/seventies band outdoing its original incarnation on every count. (by Bruce Eder)

Mick Abrahams (bocals, guitar)
Dave Lennox -(keyboards, vocals)
Mike Summerland (bass, vocals)
Graham Walker (drums)

01. It’s Only Love (Abrahams) 3.02
02. All Tore Down (Abrahams) 4.32
03. Lies (Abrahams) 4.57
04. Billy The Kid (Traditional) 6.27
05. I Wonder Who (Doyle) 10.33
06. The Victim (Rebenack/Pomus) 5.29
07. Cat’s Squirrel (Ross) 17.02
08. Slow Down (Williams) 3.32
09. Dead Man’s Hill (Abrahams) 11.08