Bajro Ajkic – Memory (2000)

FrontCover1I don´t know very much about Bajro Ajkic, … but I know that this album is a very beautiful one.

And I found a very nice story about this great celo player in the internet:

Three years ago (February 2008) I was wondering through the gardens of the Englischer Garten in Munich, Germany, when I came across a gentleman playing his cello and a small crowd had gathered around him. As I was undertaking one of the many online photography courses ( ), I spent quite some time shooting images as this solitary figure as he played for the gathered crowd.

I had been back to the gardens many times in the past several years and finally this past June, there he was again playing for all the passers-by who would stop and listen to his soothing tones from his cello.

Bajro01During a break I introduced myself and mentioned I had taken photographs in the past and luckily I had my IPad with me to show him the images. He introduced himself as Bajro Ajkic and we had a great chat about his travels to North America and about his fondness for his music and playing for the people.

If you are ever in Munich I suggest you stop-by the gardens, this section is located right outside the Odeansplatz subway (U-Bahn) station and spend a few tranquil moments listening to Bajro and his wonderful music, I know I will whenever I return to Munich. (by

All I know, is that Bajro Ajkic lived for a short while in the USA … today he lives in Munich, but this album was recorded in Spain !

And it´s one of the findest private edition albums I´have ever heard … what a great sound, what a great cello player …


Bajro Ajkic (cello)
Chiara (piano)
Luka (guitar)
Samira (violin)


01. Canon In D (Pachlbel) 4,01
02. Memory (Webber) 4.05
03. The Swan (Saint-Saens )3.10
04. Evocation (Merlin) 1.35
05. Arioso (Bach) 3.38
06. Nostalgy (Samira) 3.17
07. Meditation From Thais (Massenet) 4.33
08. The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Legrand) 2.16
09. The Love Story (Lai) 2.31
10. Only You (Clark) 2.34
11. The Godfather (Rota/Kusik) 2.23