Albatros – Garden Of Eden (1978)

FrontCover1Very hard to get this album, but if you do, don’t hesitate to listen at least once, to me was a happy discovery, and an excellent addition to my music collection. One of the very good german bands from the late ’70. I might say they sound like no other group i listen before, maybe similar bands are Dice or other german bands from late ’70 like Tibet or Minotaurus, but for sure very intristing. Specialy i like the voice, but also the instruments are very well used. The album is made of 3 long pieces, one of them nearly 20 min, with great moods and time signatures. Not a particulary instrument is in front here, each one does a good job as a whole and the result is 4 album to me. Garden of eden is a great album by this almost unknown band. I can recommend for fans of bands mention above 4 stars for sure. I have to say it, despite the good album they made, i wonder why they don’t choose other cover for Garden of eden, this is one of the most uninspired covers i ever saw from entire music, anyway 4 stars and get it you will not be deseppointed. (by b_olariu)

Peter Breitbarth (guitar)
Thomas Büscher (drums)
Achim Hubricht (bass)
Harald Hubricht (keyboards)
Christian Köppen (piano)
Hansi Köppen (vocals)
Jürgen Polzin (percussion)

BackCover (2)ATracklist:
01. A Man Like Me 19.49
02. Sundriver 11.32
03. Garden Of Eden 0.08

All tracks written by Albatros