Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio – Christmas (1994)

FrontCover1This trio has won acclaim all over the world and is now celebrating 20 years of their music-making.
The first Andrzej Jagodzinski album of jazzed-up Chopin, recorded in December 1993, was an event showered with awards. Another record “Live at the National Philharmonic” was created in 1995, followed by “Chopin Once More” in 1999. In 2008 the Trio recorded “Chopin – Jagodzinski – Sonata in B flat minor” celebrating the 15th anniversary of its creation by presenting a jazz vision of this great composition. The year 2010 witnessed a 2-CD album “Chopin – Les Brillantes”, which incorporated the band’s previous experience with Chopin’s music. It was also a tribute to the master on the 200th anniversary of his birth. All the CDs quickly attained the status of Golden Disc. (by

“One of Poland’s leading jazz pianists interprets the music of the country’s greatest composer. (…) One of the best examples of classical jazz since Art Tatum tackled Massenet.” (Music and Media)

Jagodzinski’s organically swinging and highly interactive trio continued to explore jazz interpretations of one of the most acclaimed polish jazz pianists: Andrzej Jagodziski and his trio. Here The Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio performs traditional Polish Christmas carols, with the exception of “Cicha Noc (Silent Night)”, which is of course one of the most popular christmas songs of all time.

I guess, I will hear this wonderful album tomorrow night again … together with my wife, at the end of our christmas eve … before we´ll go to bed …

Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio1

Czesław ‘Mały’ Bartkowski (drums)
Adam Cegielski (bass)
Andrzej Jagodziński (piano)


01. Cicha Noc (Silent Night) 5.55
02 Z Narodzenia Pana (With Lord’s Birth) 4.00
03 Gdy Się Chrystus Rodzi (When The Christ Is Borning) 4.40
04 Mizerna Cicha (Wan, silent, stable earth) 5.25
05 Mędrcy Świata (The Sages of The World, Monarchs) 6.15
06 Pójdźmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki (Let Us All Go To Tthe Little Barn) 4.05
07 Jezus Malusieńki (Little Baby Jesus) 4.20
08 Gdy Śliczna Panna (When Beautiful Miss Rocked Son) 6.00
09 Lulajże Jezuniu (Hush little Jesus) 3.45



Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio2