Andy Summers & Victor Biglione – Splendid Brazil (2004)

FrontCover1.jpgAndrew James Somers (born 31 December 1942), known professionally as Andy Summers, is an English guitarist who was a member of the rock band the Police. Summers has recorded solo albums, collaborated with other musicians, composed film scores, and exhibited his photography in galleries. (by wikipedia)

Arranger and composer, Victor Biglione (born February 22 1958) is one of the best acoustic and electric guitar player of this era. Biglione was born in Argentina, but yet very young, he moved to Brazil where he has lived for the last 30 years. After an academic preparation at Berklee College of music, Biglione has developed an unique mixture of influences. Along the years, he became a SummersBiglione01lover of the American Jazz. (by

The second collaboration with Biglione, this entry sounds more influenced by Biglione than Summers, though both guitarists are very present. The jazz covers are mostly ditched, and the concentration is primarily on Brazilian composers, heavily weighted towards Jobim songs, but also some Edu Lobo and a studied take on Laurindo Almeida’s “Brasiliance.” Jobim’s “Inutil Paisagem” (“Useless Landscape”) provides some bluesy licks and is where the jazz lurks, interestingly the only track on the album Summers plays solo (after all, this is an Andy Summers album – jazz is always there somewhere!) “Fotografia” is autumnal. (by


Alternate frontcover

Victor Biglione (guitar)
Andy Summers (guitar)


01. Chovendo Na Roseira (Jobim) 4:34
02. Fotografia (Jobim) 1.51
03. Casa Forte (Lobo) 3.45
04. Retrato em Branco e Preto (Buarque/Jobim) 5.06
05. Vento Bravo (Lobo) 4.21
06. As Rosas Nào Falam (Cartola) 3.28
07. Campina Grande (Valle) 3.24
08. Inútil Paisagem (Jobim) 5.10
09. Brasiliance (Almeida) 3.10
10. Lamento (Jobim) 4.24
11. O Ôvo (Pascoal) 3.19