Charly Antolini – In The Groove (1972)

FrontCover1This is a nice listen, funky, crisp, slick, rock-jazz…but there is a slightly dated feel, the tempos are a little too fast, the horns a little too punchy, overly arranged in a studio-musician kind of way. In fact, these sound a lot like the kind of tracks the production houses were putting down for hip soundtracks for movies at the late 60’s – beginning of the 70’s. In fact, if you love that sound this may actually be one of the better, more interesting and varied examples of that kind of thing — maybe a half step down from Vampyros Lesbos territory. I enjoyed it but may never listen to it again because there are so many better funky things to listen to, like Eddie Harris from that era, or all the great CTI recordings, and so on. (By Miklblike Bosco)

Charly Antolini (drums)
Rudi Füsers (trombone)
Dusko Goykovich (trumpet)
Heinz von Hermann (saxophone, flute)
Berni Prock (percussion)
Ack Van Rooyen (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Armin Rusch (keyboards)
Herman Schoonderwalt (saxophone)
Siegfried Schwab (guitar)
Jean Warland (bass)

01. Jesus Christ Superstar (Webber/Rice) 7.37
02. Handicraft (Kiessling) 5.18
03. Punching Ball (Reith) 5.53
04. Gringo Domingo (v. Hermann) 3.04
05. Scratches (v. Hermann) 6.26
06. Y Luego (v. Hermann) 6.46
07. Skinny (Reith) 6.37
08. Gemma Ham (v. Hermann) 2,01


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