Atomic Rooster – Live At The Marquee 1980 (2002)

Muro do Classic RockLive at the Marquee 1980 is a live album by British rock band Atomic Rooster, recorded at London’s Marquee Club. No known live soundboard recordings exist of the 1980 (Crane/Du Cann/Hammond) lineup of Atomic Rooster and the source cassette tape, belonging to Du Cann, was recorded via a single onstage microphone. (by wikipedia)

These are the last-ever live recordings from the classic Rooster line-up of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond, recorded at the Marquee Club in London where they played regularly.

This 1980 gig is drawn from the personal archives of John Du Cann. It marks the return of original drummer Paul Hammond.

John Du Cann has said that the band used up so much energy that immediately on leaving the stage they would feel like collapse, and that the thought of an encore was crippling. (Promotion text)

This rare concert from 1980 features the classic line-up of Vincent Crane on Hammond organ, John Du Cann on guitar and vocals, and Paul Hammond on drums. While the sound quality is average (along the lines of a good bootleg) there is no denying the raw power and energy this band was able to muster on the stage.

Muro do Classic RockMany Atomic Rooster favorites are covered here, including “Death Walks Behind You”, “Tomorrow Night”, “Seven Streets”, and the bands lone hit single “Devil’s Answer.” While earlier live recordings showed the band a bit tighter and Du Cann’s voice in better form, there are still tons of monolithic riffs here, like on “In the Shadows”, and evil Hammond sounds from the master Crane. Some of the more effective tunes in this set happen to be “Gershatzer” and “I Can’t Take No More”, where the band gets to stretch out a bit and jam. Du Cann’s guitar style is like a cross between early Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page, and his bluesy riffs and solos are all over tracks like the raw ‘They Took Control of You” and the tasty instrumental “Watch Out”, where he trades licks with Crane’s funky Hammond lines. Hammond makes his presence felt throughout the set with his maniacal style that for many fans helped ease the loss of Carl Palmer back in the early days of the band.

For Atomic Rooster collectors, this is a must have, but those new to this influential band would be better starting with their first three studio albums first. Despite the average sound quality and cheesy booklet notes, this is a nice package, and a decent live document of an important band in heavy metal and progressive rock history. (Pete Pardo)

Raw and exciting !


JohnDuCann + Vincent Crane, 1980

John Du Cann (guitar, vocals)
Vincent Crane (organ
Paul Hammond (drums)

Muro do Classic Rock

01. They Took Control Of You (J.Du Cann/C. Du Cann) 7.15
02. Death Walks Behind You (Du Cann/Crane) 6.40
03. Watch Out! (Crane) 4.48
04. Tomorrow Night (Crane) 6.29
05. Seven Lonely Streets (Du Cann) 8.37
06. Gershatzer (Crane) 10.04
07. I Can’t Take No More (Du Cann) 8.51
08. In The Shadows (Du Cann) 11.24
09. Devil’s Answer (Du Cann) 5.58
10. Do You Know Who’s Looking For You? (Crane/Du Cann) 4.40
Muro do Classic Rock



Atomic Rooster – Germershein (1972)

FrontCover1The second British Rock Meeting was suppose to take place on Friesenheimer Island in Mannheim, Germany; however, the Mannheim city council opposed it and MAMA Concerts had to change the venue. The early posters still show Mannheim as the festival location. As can be seen on the left, the original poster was done in blue, with Mannheim as the venue, new posters were printed in red after the promoters found an alternate site to hold the festival. MAMA Concerts first tried to relocate the festival to Korsika and then to the racetrack in Hockenheim but strong reaction from the city councils made these sites unacceptable.

After much searching, the concert promoters were finally able to relocate the festival to Insel Grün (Green Island) in Germersheim. Even then, it looked like the festival would not happen as Germersheim city officials began having second thoughts about allowing so a large festival to be held on Insel Grün and issued a police order against the festival the day prior to its start. City officials relented however after eleventh hour talks with the festival organizers, the mayor of Germersheim, and a top Rheinland Pfalz state official.

Over 70,000 people attended this 4-day festival and 35 bands performed there, including Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, Status Quo, Lindisfarne, and of course, Rory Gallagher.


And this is a real good audience tape from the Atomic Rooster (feat. Chris Farlowe !) show at Germersheim 1972.

The Atomic Rooster line-up featuring Pete French on vocals, Steve Bolton on guitar, Ric Parnell on drums, and Crane on keyboards toured Italy, right across America and Canada. This line-up ended their international tour to appear at a benefit gig in September 1971 at the Oval cricket ground, appearing in front of some 65,000 people, supporting The Faces and The Who. After this concert, French moved on to sign with Atlantic records and joined the American rock band Cactus. In February 1972, Crane recruited vocalist Chris Farlowe, at that time with Colosseum, to take the place of French. They went on tour and recorded their first album together in spring 1972. They released the album Made in England along with the single “Stand by Me”, on Dawn Records. They were more into soul at this point, and the progressive and heavy rock leanings from the other releases had receded. The single did not chart and the album just barely caught any attention, but touring followed through. (by wikipedia)

Here´s the soul of Atomic Rooster !


Steve Bolton (guitar)
Vincent Crane (keyboards, synthesizer)
Chris Farlowe (vocals)
Ric Parnell (drums , percussion)


01. Breakthrough (Crane/Darnell) 7.42
02. Save Me (Crane) 5.40
03. A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps (Crane) 4.53
04. Black Snake (Crane/Darnell) 8.15
05. Stand By Me (Crane) 5.09
06. Devil’s Answer (Cann) 8.08
07. Gershatzer (Crane) 15:48


Alternate frontcover

Atomic Rooster – Same (1970)

FrontCover1Atomic Rooster were an English rock band, originally formed by members of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, organist Vincent Crane and drummer Carl Palmer. Throughout their history, keyboardist Vincent Crane was the only constant member, and wrote the majority of their material. Their history is defined by two periods: the early-mid-1970s and the early 1980s. The band went through radical style changes, however they are best known for the hard, progressive rock sound of their hit singles, “Tomorrow Night” (UK No. 11) and “The Devil’s Answer” (UK No. 4), both in 1971.

In summer 1969, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown had to cease touring in the middle of their second U.S. tour because of keyboardist Vincent Crane’s mental illness. When he recovered, he and drummer Carl Palmer took the step to leave Arthur Brown and return to England, the return date being Friday, 13 June 1969, which was the year of the rooster in the Chinese calendar, and arranged a meeting with Brian Jones to discuss a collaboration. After Jones’s death, they adopted the name Atomic Rooster (with influence from the US band Rhinoceros), and soon recruited Nick Graham on bass and vocals. They followed with what had emerged as The Crazy World of Arthur Brown formula of vocals, organ, bass, and drums.

They soon undertook live dates around London; at their first headlining gig at the London Lyceum on Friday, August 29, 1969, the opening act was Deep Purple.[4] They eventually struck a deal with B & C Records and began recording their debut album in December 1969. Their first LP, Atomic Roooster, was released in February 1970, along with a single, “Friday the 13th”. By March, Crane felt it was best that they add a guitarist, and recruited John Du Cann from acid-progressive rock band Andromeda. However, just as Du Cann joined, bassist-vocalist Graham left. Du Cann (who played guitar and sang for Andromeda) took over vocal duties, whilst Crane overdubbed the bass lines on his Hammond organ with a combination of left hand and foot pedals. Atomic Rooster resumed gigging until the end of June 1970, when Carl Palmer announced his departure to join Emerson, Lake & Palmer. (by wikipedia)

And of course … Friday The Thirteenth was not only one the finest songs, Atomic Rooster ever recorded, but – read the lyrics – a song about Vincent Crane and his tragedy.


Atomic Rooster (with Carl Palmer)

Vincent Crane (keyboards)
Nick Graham (bass, guitar, flute, vocals)
Carl Palmer (drums, percussion, glockenspiel)


01. Friday The Thirteenth (Crane) 3.28
02. And So To Bed (Crane) 4.08
03. Broken Wings (Mayall) 5.44
04. Before Tomorrow (Crane) 5.48
05. Banstead (Crane//Palmer/Graham) 3.30
06. S.L.Y. (Crane) 4.54
07. Winter (Crane) 6.55
08. Decline & Fall (Crane//Palmer/Graham) 5.46
09. Play The Game (Cann) 4.46



Save me, save me, save me, save me
Wake up in the night, stare into the dark
You can feel your fear,tearing at your heart

Trying to lock your door,there is no escape
I’ll be watching you,every move you make
Someone please, please save me

No one will save you – they won’t try
Someone please, please help me
Everyone’s lonely when they die
Everyone’s lonely when they die

No one in the world will want you – save me!
No one in the world will need you – save me!
No one in the world will love you – save me!
No one in the world will miss you – save me!

Walking down the street, footsteps close behind
Dare not turn your head, don’t know what you’ll find
Trying to shout for help, your words turn to dust
Looking for a friend, no one you can trust

Someone please, please save me
No one will save you, they won’t try
Someone please, please help me
Everyone’s lonely when they die
Everyone’s lonely when they die