Various Artists – Bali Chillout (2008)

BaliChillOutFC“Bali Chillout” –  a finest collection of asian lounge music !

Tha main reason for visting Bali is to discover a very rich and still vibrant culture. Ceremonies and other religious festivals are very frequent an the Balinese spontaneously invite foreigners to join in.

The dance, music and puppet shows are a must for those that like something more refinded.
Traditional Balinese music, played by a percussion ensemble, called a “gamelan”, is very sophisticated.

This is a rare sampler full of music of Bali … and on this sampler you can hear a unique mixture between old melodies and modern rhythms … enjoy it !

01. Mano A Mano: Joliba 7.28
02. Tim Sedan: Movie Of The Mind 6.35
03. DJ Ray: Freedom Train 3.30
04. Emmanuel Darc: Grains Of Sand 5.34
05. Neve Thorne: Sense  5.56
06. Whirlwind: Opaline 6.21
07. The Rain Closet:  Moebius 6,24
08. Primorse Path: Wisdom 7 3.42
09. Asian Syndicate: Dehlirium 5.28
10. Critical Mass: Cedar Flame 5.24
11. Fibonati: Mistery Time 5.50
12. Circadian Rhythms:  Sculpture 5.11
13. Warp Sublime:  Round Objects  5.23