Baronics – Get Bach! (1998)

FrontCover1And now another classic record with compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivalidi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Pachelbel and Ludwig van Beethoven … but in a very funny way …

VIVALDI, PACHELBEL GO POP… “In which Vivaldi meets The Ventures as Quebec based quartet The Baronics give some popular classics the surfing sound of clean, bright Fender guitars. Doubtless pursits of both stripes will disapprove of this disc, however for those prepared to loosen their muscal stays a little there is a lot of good clean fun to be had (not to mention the potential for confounding people’s expectations at parties – put this on and watch the cratched heads and baffled expressions). What particularly impressed me about his record is the fidelity with which the originals are approached: both the notes and the spirit are captured. Pachelbel’s famous Canon comes off particularly well, but then so does The Four Seasons. In fact so enjoyable did I find this fresh take on the work which is in danger of becoming hackneyed… Nigel Kennedy, eat your heart out! This is not the first time that the classics have been treated to a rock ‘n’ roll backbeat and I dare say it won’t be the last. Few, though, tend to be done with anything like the skill and affection evident here.”

Baronics01THE BARONICS performs on vintage Fenders and amplifiers and they’ve been around for the last ten years as a back up band for many singer/songwriters. But their career did really take a turn when they toured as Ralph and The Baronics with 5 videos played regularly on the Canadian TV. When Ralph did retire, The Baronics came back to their roots to perform surf music. But why not start at the very root of music: classical music…

Some of the best classical works revisited expertly by The Baronics – pure surf style. Exquisite arrangements, superb performance… “A splendid time is guaranteed for all!” to quote Sgt. Pepper. The perfect introduction to classical music or the perfect gift for the classical aficionados who thinks he/she already has the world best collection of classical music…

Baronics02And here´s the story of this more or less unknown, but great band:

In 1996, bassist Olivier Martin leaves surf rock band Les Jaguars. Shortly there after, he contacts the guitarist Patrick Kelly and form the Baronics.The name was taken from a group (their former band) that existed ten years earlier in the Montreal music scene. The name wasn’t the only thing they borrowed from the old band, they also incorporated their old look too. They have been developing their repertory and their interest in surf music, while at the same time work on traditional adaptations of classical pieces.This fusion would lead to the very particular style found on the album “Get Bach! ”, in 1997. They make a promotional round in Canada and also play in clubs and various demonstrations. The Baronics record standards, themes and surf rock instrumentals, part of their live act. Exposition, released in February of 1998, contains that assortment of various fun, theme and mood pieces

Recorded at Studio Peter Pan, Montreal, and Studio Digilog, Montreal
in October and November of 1996

Pascal Gingras (drums)
Olivier Martin (bass)
Patrick Kelly (guitar)
Christian Sylvestre (guitar)
Pierre Puesch (saxophone on 03.)
Peter Thompson (vocals on 10.)



Antonio Vivaldi- The Four Seasons:
01. Spring 3.57
02. Summer 2.40
03. Fall 2.46
04. Winter 2.52

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
05. Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart) 3.58

Johann Sebastian Bach:
06. Invention 1 & 13 3.01

 Johann Pachelbel:
07. Kanon 3.25

Ludwig van Beethoven:
08. Moonlight Sonata 5.08

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
09. Serenade No. 13 (Mozart)  4.01

Johann Sebastian Bach:
10. Bourree 4.51