Hack Bartholomew – Holy Ghost Transfusion (1999)

FrontCover1New Orleans native Hack Bartholomew -who was once stationed at McChord Air Force Base – has been performing outside Cafe Du Monde for 40 years.

“I could play anything I heard from the time I was 6 years old, ” says Bartholomew. “When my dad gave me a trumpet I just put it to my mouth and played “When the Saints”. Just like that. Never held a trumpet. Never had a lesson Anything I heard I could just play.

Mayfield, who studied under Bartholomew, offers this note of caution:

“I would say when you see a musician playing on the street one mistake would be to classify anybody in New Orleans as one thing. He’s not just a street musician. Hack Bartholomew is a guy who plays in church on Sundays so he’s playing in front of 2000 people -4000 people –every Sunday at his church.He teaches younger musicians. I mean Hack Bartholomew is your quintessential New Orleans guy.(by king5)

Hack has played with such talents as George Benson, The Nevilles and Keith Richards. Hack can be found at the Café Du Monde beignet house, one of New Orleans’ major tourist spots. He plays the trumpet, sings and ministers the word of God to a captivated audience.


And this is his first CD and here are two reviews from amzon customers:

This was the first CD we bought on our first trip to N.O. In 2006. Hack was playing outside of Cafe du Monde. Loved his sound and immediately bought this CD. We got hooked on Hack and The Big Easy. Every year after that, this is the CD we plugged in as we crossed over the Lake and entered New Orleans. This year I got a wireless Bose speaker for Christmas, and started transferring all of my CD’s to my iPad. Much to my dismay, when I opened the case for Holy Ghost Transfusion, the CD was missing!! All we could figure was that we left it in the CD player of the rental van. (by Aunt Sharon)

Hack Bartholomew’s CD is terrific. I bought it from him while he was playing outside Cafe du Monde and didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out to be a marvelous surprise. From the first track to the last, you can hear the joy and wonder in Hack’s life brought to music. Even if you’re not particularly religious (I’m not!), this is one to savor. Give it a try!  (by MeowLady)

Hack Bartholomew (trumpet, vocals, piano)
Bryon Gitkin (guitar, bass, drums)

01. Feel Like Goin’ On 4.47
02. Praise The Lord 4.59
03. Amazing Grace (a capella) 3.07
04. Amazing Grace 2000 5.21
05. Get The Best Of Me 6.14
06. Holy Ghost Transfusion 4.33
07. Call On The name Of Jesus 4.12
08. Witness 5.04
09. Thinking And Thanking 7.45
10. Come Unto Jesus 9.53

All songs written by Hack Bartholomew except “Amacing Grace” (Traditional)


CafeDuMondeNewOrleansCafe du Monde, New Orleans