Ben Schultz Band – Tri Ality (1992)

FrontCover1Attention please: This is a killer album !

“Move over Hendrix” Ben Schultz Band – Tri Ality A fast, finger-tickling classical flourish erupts into an in-your face rock electric blast reminiscent of Jeff Beck. The guitarist is Ben Schultz. The title of the album is Tri Ality. This is some great stuff, but what would you expect? Ben was an apprentice of both Jimi Hendrix and B.B.King. “The Rosa Queen” is a wicked blues number with an out-of-it feel to it. The guitar grinds and then hangs. The vocals are almost distorted beyond recognition, but the feeling the sound leaves you with seems right, “You Got Me Floating” is another classic. It’s a Hendrix original with the style of an acid trip. My favorite song on this CD is the last cut. ThePhilosopher”. Its as if B.B.King, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck had a three way wreck (which I participated in recently) The lyrics on this CD are weak, but if you like creative guitar work, this is for you. (Jim Clark)

This album is a killer … this album is one of the finest hard-rock albums ever recorded and it´s one of the most criminally underrated hard-rock albums ever made !

You don´t believe me ? Listen !!!

Tim Bogert (bass, background vocals)
Ray Brinker (drums)
Ben Schultz (guitar, slide-guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, vocals)
Paul Sisemore (vocals)
Gregg Bissonette (drums, percussion)
Steve Gottlieb (guitar)
Steve Lukather (guitar)
Christopher Ross (drums, percussion)
Background vocals:
Laura Harding – Mimi – Charlott Ross – Allan Satchwell – Susan – Teretia

01. Welcome to… (Schultz) 0.32
02. Tampa (Schultz/Braun) 4.53
03. The Rosa Queen (Bogert/Schultz) 4.49
04. Ready For Love (Schultz/Phillips-Oland) 4.25
05. 2Good 2b 4Gotten (Schultz/Phillips-Oland) 3.41
06. Cabo Real (Schultz) 4.33
07. In The Light Of Love (Bogert/Schultz/Phillips-Oland) 5.02
08. Lestat (Schultz) 4.16
09. Intermission (Schultz) 1.41
10. Jizz Whizz (Appice/Beck/Bogert) 4.16
11. You’ve Got Me Floating (Hendrix) 3.40
12. Gapistoni (Schultz) 1.08
13. The Knife (Cuts Both Way) (Schultz/Sisemore/Phillips-Oland) 3.44
14. Philosopher, Pt. 1 – 3 (Schultz) 8.10