Peter Wyoming Bender – Canyon Drums – An Exploration of Native Drumming (1998)

FrontCover1Pete “Wyoming” Bender was born in France (Elsass-Loraine) in 1943. His childhood and teenager life was spend in Germany/Alaska/California/North Carolina/New York. in 1962 his Dad was transferred back to germany and there he spend three years as a US Army Dependent in Karlsruhe/Augsburg and Munich where he also attended american High School.

In his early childhood he allready played around with musical iinstruments and played Saxophon in the High School Band picked up steel guitar and ukulele to play with a couple of Hawaiians started to play drums and piano. His main instrument was and still is his Voice and Piano. He played in lots of Army and Airforce Clubs as well as in Teen Clubs and played for High School Dances. In 64 he won a singing contest in one of the Munich “GI hangout CLubs” EDDIES CRACKER BOX and joined the band that was playing there at that time THE FLAMING STARS as lead singer. From there on he toured Star Clubs and almost the complete Club Scene in the sixties. He met Alexis Korner (brittish Blues Singer) and toured with him. A friendship to Alexis lastet until Alexis passed away. Pete toured with his Bands all over Europe including as Opener for Chris de Burgh.


He moved from (in those days socalled West Germany) to Berlin (West) and started to play in Blues and Folkclubs with Band and solo. The longest appearance (on and off) was the famous FOLKPUB in Berlin. At this time he allready had several LP`s and singles on the market.


Pete Wyoming Bender with Eberhard Klunker and Hansi Biebl in 1975

Pete also studied Music at the Kassel Music Academy for 2 years. Main subject was singing. Pete wrote most of his published material himself and has around 1000 songs registered from which at least 2/3 were released incl a Musical in Berlin SCHMETTERLINGE SIND FREI (BUTTERFLYS ARE FREE) Some of his famous songs are “BORN TO BE INDIAN” words written by his brother Zeph Zephier Sr. (a Yankton Sioux). Pete was adopted by the family and tribe. Pete was also member of the american indian movement and speaker for the german office for some time. Other songs known in Europe where also in the charts and still get airplay “ICH HABE DIESE FRAU GELIEBT”…”ICH WILL NIE WIEDER KRIEG” (NO WAR NO MORE)…he also made the charts with a song written for a world famous Coffee Brand.

PeterWyomingBender01Pete also composed soundtracks for some films and was nominated for a Nammy (native american music award). You can also order a book written about Pete and a friend of his, also a singer. The book contains 2 CD`s and lots of photomaterial and comments from friends and media all over the world. The name of the book is “ZUFÄLLIGKEITEN” (ACCIDENTALY).

Pete lives in Germany but travels regularly to the states where his family lives in Washinton State…either there or to the Reservation in South dakota where his adopted family lives. His sister Florence Drappeau is one of the best Quilt Makers in South Dakota based in Wagner.

Pete`s world is MUSIC…MUSIC….MUSIC and it will stay that way until his last breath. (taken from his website)


Pete “Wyoming” Bender’s inspiration comes from his Comanche heritage and many years of involvement with American Indian Movement. “Canyon Drums” was his first U.S. release and has been a constant top-seller in the Native American genre

Rhythmic magic, created by Native American drums, is the focus of a series of compositions interweaving rattles and drums with chanting, Native American flutes and modern mood textures. The heartbeat rhythms played on Native drums form the basis of the compositions that draw sonic pictures of the spacious Canyons of the Southwest and sacred sites.


Peter Wyoming Bender (all instruments)


01. Rugged Roads 5.40
02. Spirit Mountain 4.13
03. Drums Before Sundown 3.54
04. Don’t Ever Smoke The Right Pipe With Zhe Wrong Man 4.06
05. Crow Dog’s Paradise 3.09
06. Ax-Bi-Zha-Ye (Through The Air) 5.18
07. Hole In The Sky 4.02
08. Dedication To Chief Joseph 5.28
09. Flying Tomahawk 4.53
10. Sundown In Alaska 4.41
11. Return Of Tatanka 4.01