Big Blast Company – Don´t Change Chickens (2004)

FrontCover1This is another fine example of a German semi-professionel band. They played really hot and their music is a great mixture between Soul and Jzz-Rock … watch the tracklist !

Big Blast Company was founded in 1991 and they played around Hattingen:
Hattingen is located on the south bank of the River Ruhr in the south of the Ruhr region.

In 2000 they released their first album called “Blast Controll” and this is their second album, recorded in February 2004.

And listen to this album means to have some fun … enjoy the sound of a totally unknown group called Big Blast Company !

And they are with their bandleader Andreas Lensing still alive and well in 2013 … great !


Johannes Bachteier (trombone)
Thomas Bähnisch (trumpet)
Harold Börgers (vocals)
Katrin Camara (vocals)
Frank Dittmeyer (saxophone)
Ramona Dittmeyer (flute)
Thomas Galka (trombone)
Andreas Gehrmann (guitar)
Tobias Hahn (saxophone)
Karsten Hoehland (saxophone)
Mark Ickenstein (trumpet)
Reinhard Kruber (percussion)
Sarah Ksouri (vocals)
Andreas Lensing (saxophone)
Anna-Luise Lensing (clarinet)
Fritz zur Nieden (drums)
Uli Scholz (piano)
Wegi Wegener (bass)
Susanna Weine (saxophone)
Lukas Weingärtner (trombone)
Imke Witzleben (trumpet)
Lena Zänger (vocals)

01. Chain Of Fools (Covay) 3.32
02. Don´t Chance Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream) (Williams/Watson) 5.06
03. Iy  You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Sting) 4.59
04. Birdland (Zawinul) 4.38
05. Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 3.32
06. The Chicken (Ellis) 4.21
07. Fly Me To The Moon (Howard) 3.07
08. You´ve Made My So Very Happy (Gordy Jr./B.Holloway/P.Holloway/Wilson) 4.23



BigBlastCompany1993Big Blast Company in 1993