Blacknuss (Allstars) – Made In Sweden (1995)

FrontCover1By this time most people in Sweden have heard the story of how Martin Jonsson and Conny C. Lindström started the club at Jazzclub Fasching and how they named it after an album by Rashaan Roland Kirk. We know that Martin Jonsson and Christian Falk formed the rhythm section and thus the core of the club house-band. And we all experienced how they made Sweden conscious of great soul music!

When Martin and Christian took Blacknuss further to record albums, they invited many of the guests from the club. They put together such brilliant musicians as Mattias Torell (guitarist of Eagle-Eye Cherry), Malando Gassama, Desmond Foster, David Nyström, Pierre Swärd, Esbjörn Svensson (of E.S.T.), Goran Kajfes and Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson. To top that, they invited great vocalists such as Titiyo (who has had an international hit with Come Along), Robyn (who had a big hit in the States with Show Me Love) , Jennifer Brown, Lisa Nilsson, Stephen Simmonds, ADL, SwingFly, Dilba, Viktoria Tolstoy and André De Lang. The result is music history. So far the collective has recorded three albums; Made in Sweden, Allstars and 3. (by dieselmusic)

JazzclubFaschingStockholmJazzclub Fasching, Stockholm/Sweden

And this is their fantastic debutalbum:
When you listen to this wonderful album you just cannot stop dancing – no wonder many of these songs are played in the oldest and most famous jazz club in Stockholm, Sweden: Fasching, where thay have soul nights almost every Saturday. If you like Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin and Jackson Five, you will definitely love the Blacknuss. This album is a must for the soul fan! (by cathyolsen)

Christian Falk (bass)
Malando Gassama (percussion)
Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson (flute, saxophone)
Martin Jonsson (drums)
Goran Kajfes (trumpet)
Joakim Milder (saxophone)
Esbjörn Svensson (piano)
Pierre Swärd (organ)
Kristoffer Wallman (keyboards)
ADL (rap on 02. + 09.)
Wayne Beckford (vocals on 02. + 09.)
Jennifer Brown (vocals on 05.
André De Lange (keyboards on 03.
Desmond Foster (vocals on 01., 02., background vocals on 09.)
Lars Halapi (guitar on 02. + 09.)
Titiyo Jah (vocals on 05.
Leafnuts (toast on  02., vocals on 09.)
Niklas Medin (vocals on 03.)
Lisa Nilsson (vocals on 01.)
David Nyström (organ on 05.
Sleepy (scratches on 08.
Swing (vocals on 09.)
Ian Thomas (background vocals on 09.)
Joe Watts (trombone on 08.

01. Rising To The Top (Felder/Burke/Jean) 6.02
02. Freaky (Blacknuss Allstars/ADL/Beckford/Foster/Halapi/Leafnuts/Thomas) 5.49
03. Looking Up To You (Ware/Grey)  4.37
04. Let’s Go Through The Motion (Elliot/Swing) 5.41
05. It Should Have Been You (Thompson) 4.04
06. I’m So Into You (Morgan) 7.45
07. Superbad (Brown) 5.35
08. Love No Limit (Hall/Greene) 6.39
09. Organisk 2 (Blacknuss Allstars) 8.09
10. Organisk 1 (Blacknuss Allstars) 7.23
11. Daddy (Falcon/ADL) 6.51

CD1* (coming soon)