Boguslaw Lewandowski & Andreas Weimer – Duo du Salon (1999)

FrontCover1Salon music was a popular music genre in Europe during the 19th century. It was usually written for solo piano in the romantic style, and often performed by the composer at events known as “Salons”. Salon compositions are usually fairly short and often focus on virtuoso pianistic display or emotional expression of a sentimental character. Common subgenres of salon music are the operatic paraphrase or fantasia, in which multiple themes from a popular opera are the basis of the composition, and the musical character-piece, which portrays in music a particular situation or narrative.

Kaffeehaus02Many popular composers wrote at least a few pieces which fall into the category of salon music. Some pianists composed only salon music, but many of these specialists have become highly obscure.


And here´s a wonderful example of these romantic melodies from these long forgotten times in Europe,played by two young and very talented musicians.


Boguslaw Lewandowski (violin)
Andreas Weimer (piano)


01. Cickom, Cickom (Liebchen, Liebchen) (Traditional) 1.05
02. Csak Egy Kislány (Nur ein kleines Mädchen) (Traditional) + Repül A Szán (Schlittenfahrt) (Elemér) 4.45
03. Salut d´amour (Elgar) 3.08
04. Caprice Viennois (Kreisler) 4.03
05. Zigeunerin (Kreisler) 3.19
06. Guitarre (Moszkowski) 3.17
07. Estrellita (Ponce) 3.21
08. Tango (Albeniz) 2.29
09. Banjo And Fiddle (Kroll) 3.06
10. Rhapsody In Blue (Gershwin) 7.57
11. Vous Étes Jolie, Madame (Boulanger) 3.05
12. Comme-Ci, Comme-Ca (Boulanger) 2.27
13. Hejre Kati (Hubay) 7.05
14. Aris Tziganes, op. 11 (Espejo) 6.30
15. Rumänisch (Knümann) + Hora de martie (Dinieu) 7.03
16. Komm Zigan (Kálmán) 3.57
17. Csardas (Monti) 4.53



Boguslaw Lewandowski & Andreas Weimer