Borderline – Line Up (1994)

BorderlineFrontCoverBorderline was the short-lived project of Germans leading southern rock musician Georg Bayer. After having much trouble with his own and original band “Lizard”, he formed this project to fulfil his record contract. Borderline was a southern rock quartett with as bunch of guest musicians, amongst others Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden (ex-Whitesanke).
The last four tracks of this albums are bonus tracks, whick are not to find on the original album (recorded in Stuttgart/Germany & Atlanta/Georgia).
You can hear finest southern rock from Germany and Georg Bayer knows how to boogie … he learnt his lessons on the road and his cover versions are very pretty, too.

Georg Bayer (vocals)
Bruce Brookshire (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Ford (bass)
Danny Lastinger (drums)
Jeff Carlisli (guitar)
Tim Elliott (guitar)
Rainer Kunert (percussion)
Volker Kunschner (keyboards)
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Micky Moody (guitar)
David Romine (keyboards)
John Samuelson (guitar)
Rob Walker (guitar)
Kenny Wrigjt (harmonica)

01. Bring Me Some Water (Marsden/Moody) 4.31
02. She Drives Me Crazy (Bayer/Thumser) 3.06
03..Out In The Road (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
04. Josephine (Brookshire)
05. My Sweet Little Angel (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
06. Woman (Bayer/Seeger) 2.49
07 Macon, Georgia (Bayer/Thumser) 5.36
08. Hold Me Now (Bayer/Thumser) 4.42
09. Love That Burns (Green/Adams) 4.58
10. Fun Runner (Bayer/Brookshire) 3.48
11. Homesick (Buie/Cobb) 4.01
12. Junior´s Wailing (White/Pugh) 3.26
13. Father And Son (Stevens) 4.42
14. Long Cool Woman (Cook/Clarke/Greenway) 5.12