James Brown – Sings Merry Christmas (1966)

FrontCover1James Brown would have turned 81 this year. The Godfather of Soul died on december 25, Christmas Day in 2006.

James Brown’s passing on Christmas is remarkable, considering his affinity for Christmas and the popularity of his Christmas albums.

Brown recorded three Christmas-themed albums: James Brown Sings Christmas Songs (1966), A Soulful Christmas (1968) and Hey America (1970).

And this is his first Christmas album from 1966 …

SingleLabelA+B…..There were three singles released late in 1966, possibly all in December …

…..Between the second and third single is the most likely time for the release of the album LP THE JAMES BROWN CHRISTMAS ALBUM King Records K1010 (mono) and KS1010 (stereo) (US) 12/66. Not only was this album pressed several times with minor variations to the jacket but the same songs were assembled in a different order and released again in 1967(?) under the title JAMES BROWN AND HIS FAMOUS FLAMES SING CHRISTMAS SONGS.

…..The two versions of “THE CHRISTMAS SONG” and the other three covers on side B seem to be the last of the non-originals. (by lgcmusic02.blogspot)

James Brown (vocals)
The Famous Flames
lot of strings

01. Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year (Brown/Jones) 6.30
02. Sweet Little Baby Boy (Part 1) (Brown/Jones) 2.40
03. Sweet Little Baby Boy (Part 2) (Brown/Jones) 2.35
04. Merry Christmas, I Love You (Brown/Jones) 2.30
05. Signs Of Christmas (Brown/Jones) 4.38
06. The Christmas Song (Version 2) (Tormé/Wells) 2.45
07. Merry Christmas Baby (Baxter/Moore) 3.54
08. The Christmas Song (Version 1) (Tormé/Wells) 2.40
09. Please Come Home For Christmas (Brown/Redd) 3.20
10. This Is My Lonely Christmas (Part 1) (Brown/Redd) 3.00
11. This Is My Lonely Christmas (Part 2) (Brown/Redd) 4.45
12. Christmas In Heaven (Ward) 2.53