Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit – Same (1972)

FrontCover1Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit is the 1972 rock album made by guitarist Paul Kossoff, drummer Simon Kirke, bassist Tetsu Yamauchi and keyboard player John “Rabbit” Bundrick. Recorded after Free disbanded when Highway flopped, drummer Kirke elected to remain with guitar player Paul Kossoff forming a quartet with Bundrick and Yamauchi in 1971. Kirke has noted that although initially Kossoff appeared in good spirits and was engaged in making the album he increasingly indulged in drugs often falling asleep between takes or while listening to playbacks.

By April 1972 Free had reformed with Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers making peace, and Kossoff appeared to pull it together if only briefly. Kossoff resumed taking drugs during the U.S. tour to support the last album by the original quartet Free at Last. On the eve of their Japanese tour Fraser fought with Rodgers and once again left the band, to be replaced by Yamauchi. Rodgers and Kirke elected to fill out the band bringing Bundrick on board as a member of Free for the tour and the last Free album Heartbreaker.

PaulKossoffAlthough well received and filled with quality songwriting, “Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit” suffered from the lack of a strong lead vocalist like Rodgers. Kirke’s song “Anna” was later re-recorded with Bad Company, the band that he and Rodgers established after the final breakup of Free. (by wikipedia)

A side project which sounds very Free like. Full of bluesy guitar and Free’s loping rhythms, this is a suprisingly solid set. Although it doesn’t include any Paul Rodgers vocals, it does contain all the elements of future Free projects. A preamble of things to come. Good. ( by James Chrispell)

John “Rabbit” Bundrick (keyboards, vocals)
Simon Kirke (drums, vocals)
Paul Kossoff (guitar, vocals on  (Vocal on Colours)
Tetsu Yamauchi (bass)
B.J. Cole (steel guitar on 07. + 09.)

01. Blue Grass (Bundrick) 5.10
02. Sammy’s Alright (Bundrick) 4.08
03. Anna (Kirke) 3.43
04. Just For The Box (Kossoff) 3.33
05. Hold On (Kirke/Kossoff) 5.26
06. Fool’s Life (Bundrick) 4.29
07. Yellow House (Bundrick) 3.26
08. Dying Fire (Kirke) 4.31
09. I’m On The Run (Bundrick) 4.38
10. Colours (Burgess/Kossoff) 4.47