Cajun Moon – Same (1976)

FrontCover1Cajun Moon was a short-lived Cajun-influenced UK folk-rock trio.

Most of the tracks were written by Allan Taylor, the mastermind of this group:
30 September 1945, Brighton, Sussex, England. This singer-songwriter and instrumentalist has achieved considerable acclaim on the UK folk circuit. After leaving school at the age of 16, he helped to organize local folk clubs, until turning professional five years later. Taylor attracted the attention of United Artists Records after supporting Fairport Convention on a national tour. Sometimes was released on the Liberty label, and aroused a degree of interest from the folk media. Backing musicians on the album were Fairport Convention members Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg, and Dave Swarbrick. Following Taylor’s move to New York from 1972-74, The American Album marked a different course, and included a wealth of respected Nashville and Los Angeles session musicians. In July 1975, Taylor formed the group Cajun Moon in order to encompass traditional, Appalachian and Cajun musical styles. The trio, which included Brian Golbey (fiddle), and Jon Gillaspie (keyboards), toured with Steeleye Span and Taylor signed a contract with Chrysalis Records resulting in Cajun Moon in May 1976. Owing to overwork, Taylor damaged his vocal chords, and was forced to rest for three months. This more or less spelt the end of the group and, following an operation, Taylor recommenced solo work, signing a publishing contract with Chrysalis and a recording contract with Rubber Records.

Listen to this album and you´ll agree, that this is another more or less unnown higlight of the British folkscene … it´s unbelieveable and a shame that this album is forgotten !

John Gillaspie (keyboards, wind)
Brian Golbey (guitar, violin)
Allan Taylor (guitar, vocals)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians

01. Calling On (Taylor) 2.54
02. Close To The Edge (Taylor) 3.14
03. Back Again (Taylor) 3.16
04. Lady Of Pleasure (Taylor) 3.03
05. Darkness In The Valley (Taylor/Golbey) 3.34
06. Mistress Music (Taylor) 3.54
07. Misty On The Water (Taylor) 4.03
08. Fiddler John (Taylor/Parker/Holland) 3.10
09. Sawtooth Line (Taylor/Golbey) 2.28
10. Losers Can Be Winners (Taylor/Golbey/Gillaspie) 3.08