Carolina Slim – Blues From The Cotton Fields (1960)

FrontCover1Here´a real treasure of acoustic country-blues:

The blues guitarist, best known as Carolina Slim, was born in Leasburg, NC, on August 22, 1923. His real name is Edward P. Harris. He never performed or recorded under that name though, using a number of nicknames instead, including Country Paul, Georgia Pine, Jammin’ Jim, and Lazy Slim Jim. Though much about his life is unknown, not even the reason for working under different names, it is said that Harris learned to play the guitar from his father. Blues artists like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Blind Boy Fuller influenced the style of music Harris played.

Around 1950, Harris moved to Newark, NJ. It was there that he made his first recording for the Savoy label as Carolina Slim. A year later he was working for the King label and using the name Country Paul. During about a two-year span, Harris recorded 27 songs. Some of the tracks fans can find on albums by Harris are “Worry You off My Mind,” “Mama’s Boogie,” “I’ll Never Walk in Your Door,” “Wine Head Baby,” “Black Chariot Blues,” and “Mother Dear Mother.”


Complete Recorded Works 1950-1952 In 1953, at only 30 years of age, Edward Harris died from a heart attack. Since then, some of his recordings have been released on albums like Carolina Blues & Boogie and The Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, 1950-1952. (Charlotte Dillon)


taken from the book “”Encyclopedia Of The Blues” by Edward Komara (2006)

What a wonderful album … and I would like to dedicate this entry to all these unknown heroes of the Blues !

Carolina Slim

Carolina Slim (guitar, vocals)


01. Rag Mama 2.22
02. Sugaree 2.24
03. Blues Go Away From Me 2.24
04. Shake Boogie 2.49
05. Worrying Blues 2.31
06. Slow Freight Blues 2.26
07. Wine Head Baby 1.50
08. Pour Me One More Drink 2.49
09. Carolina Boogie 4.29
10. I’ll Get By Somehow 2.32
11. Blues Knockin At My Door 3.02
12. Worry You Off My Mind 2.53




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