Cattaneo Monteforte Quartetto – Dimensione Verticale (1989)

FrontCover1During my vacations in Italy I found some very interesting albums recorded by musicians from this beautiful country (“bella italia” !) and I would like to present some of this recordings in this blog as a form of sweet memories …

I will start with the “Cattaneo Monteforte Quartetto”:

A fusion of jazz with the structures and colours of contempary European  chamber music forms the basis of the poetics of this unusual quartet. which made its debut during the “Jazz In Italy” festival. The group has already asserted itself as a valuable feature on theItalian skyline thanks to its highly original make-up, to the fact that it is not a derivation from  American models, and to its refusal to bow to the conformistic tendencies of fashionable jazz. It moves in the realm of that calculated risk with improvisations that are free of harmonic constraints, yet controlled by thematic points of reference and especially by the four musicians´ ability to listen to and  dialogue with each other, great attention being given to the timbric aspect pf their playing – witness how well they integrate the the deep acoustics of the double bass, the clear lines woven by the electric guitars and the soft, muffled sounds of the flute.

QuartettoThe result is musical synthesis in which we find echoes of bob, cool, free jazz and serial music in a highly suggestive mix, never intellectual but “cultured” in the widest sense of the word. A variety of accents that is made possible by the great differences that exist between the members of the group who, incredibly, succeed in creating a common, organic whole, while at the same time each one is free to follow his own path within his own musical memories. (Mauricio Franco; taken from the original liner-notes)

MonteforteCattaneoGiovanni Monteforte + Paolo Catteneo

Paolo Cattaneo (guitar)
Franco Feruglio (bass)
Giovanni Monteforte (guitar)
Giuseppe Scarcella (flute)

01. Parafrasi (Monteforte) 9.18
02. Frammenti (Cattaneo) 8.35
03. Guitarludio parte 1 (Cattaneo) 2.09
04. Dimensione verticale (Cattaneo) 9.27
05. Meridiana (Monteforte) 9.21
06. Guitarludio parte 2 (Cattaneo) 2.41